Hydrocarbons are an important source of energy and will remain a critical input in the process of economic development for foreseeable future. Today this vital sector has evolved into a multiple player market oriented industry with a strong focus on exploring country’s vast sedimentary basin as well as sourcing equity oil overseas. In this effort, cooperation with global oil majors is turning out to be mutually advantageous to India’s quest for energy security. Critical inroads have been made in exploration, production, transportation, distribution and generation of energy. With ever increasing demand for energy there is growing requirement for the energy infrastructure in the country with evolving business opportunities. At the same time there is a need to review the regulatory and policy issues determining the course of development of hydrocarbon sector.

In order to discuss various prospects and challenges that exist in the Indian Oil and Gas sector, ASSOCHAM is organizing the 14th ENERGY Summit – Indian Oil & Gas Sector on 10th May 2011 in New Delhi. The Summit is designed to provide a balanced view of the opportunities in upstream, refinery, oil field services, and the prospect of cooperation in joint R&D in developing cutting edge technologies.


The objective of the Summit is to provide an excellent networking platform to the representatives from local and international oil & gas companies, technology and equipment providers and other industry players for a meaningful B2B dialogue. The theme of the discussion will be centered around evolving and exploring business opportunities in hydrocarbon sector, which lay emphasis on sustainability and security aspects.

Benefits of Attending

  1. Access to latest information on current and future outlook of the Indian energy sector.
  2. Gain the latest insight on the key policy & regulatory issues.
  3. Discuss innovations and developments in hydrocarbon value chain.
  4. Participate in interactive panel discussions tackling some of the most pressing issues facing the industry
  5. Build partnerships and identify investment opportunities.
  6. Seize meaningful networking opportunities with leading industry leaders and policy makers.


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