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Background and Rationale

Agriculture continues to be backbone not only to the economy but also to food and livelihood security for more than half of the Indians and therefore growth in agricultural production and productivity is having paramount importance. According to UN estimates the demand for agricultural produce will increase by 60 percent of the current level by 2030 and to meet this demand agricultural production will have to increase by 40 percent. The key challenges required to be addressed in current macro socio-economic and regulatory environment are technology, energy, water, etc. These issues are critical not only for this sector but also for sustaining and maintaining higher overall growth of the economy. The story of Indian agriculture today is that farmers are at crossroads stymied for credit, technology and services. There is need to create enabling environment to create amicable opportunities to attract investment in providing solution to the basic challenges ahead of agriculture.

With this background, ASSOCHAM is organizing Conference on “Challenges in Agriculture; Technology, Energy and Water” on January 22, 2013 at Hotel Claridges, New Delhi.


  • Creating platform to discuss challenges and enabling solutions in the agriculture sectors by discussing policy environment.
  • Sharing technologies and services towards increasing agricultural efficiency to meet challenges in this sector.
  • To Improve Water Resources and Irrigation Management for effective use of water.
  • To minimize the use of Fossil fuels and discuss methodologies to promote higher use of renewable sources of energy for agricultural practices.

Focus Areas

  • Soil
    • Improving Quality of Soil for Agricultural use
    • Soil fertility related issues
    • Soil conservation practices in Agriculture
  • Water
    • Micro irrigation technologies
    • Issues related to Priorities for water in Agriculture,
    • Other Policies and regulatory issues
  • Renewable Energy
    • Fuel and bio-fuel production and utilization in agriculture
    • Usage of Solar & Wind Energy for Agricultural Purposes
    • R & D for energy conservation in agriculture.
  • Technology
    • Agricultural Biotechnology including Genetics Modification
    • Nanotechnology in Agriculture
    • Other Newer advancements in agricultural and equipments

Participants Profile

  • Tractor and Agricultural implements companies
  • Agriculture Seeds Manufacturers Companies
  • Fertilizers and micro nutrients
  • Public and private sector banks as well as other financial institutions
  • Agriculture research and extension organizations
  • Consultants & services provider
  • Progressive farmers & Representative of farmers groups
  • Policy makers and other stake holders from union and state governments
  • Irrigation and Water Technologies Companies
  • IT Companies
  • Plasticulture & Aquaculture Industry
  • Agro Biotech & nanotech companies

Participation Details

Delegate Fee: Rs. 1500/- per delegate

Kay Contacts

Dr. Om S Tyagi
Sr. Director, Tel: 011-46550584

Mr. Vipul Gajingwar
Mobile: +91 8010472950

Mr. Sachin Sharma
Mobile: +91 9953018718

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