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Summit-cum-Awards on Skilling India
From Skills to Employability

14 September, 2018 , Hotel Shangri-La, New Delhi



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India has made significant economic paces in recent years and rising economy is requiring continuous supply of skilled manpower. Our emphasis on degree rather than skill is a faltering block in the way of economic growth. For India, skill development is critical from both socio-economic and demographic point of view.
 Economic growth is a reflection of jobs created and skills and knowledge are evident requirements for any job. Both developed and developing countries are focusing on skilling people and India is no different. The aim is to become the future skill capital of the world and government is not leaving a single stone unturned. Being the youngest nation with more than 62% of its population in working age group of 15-59 years, and more than 54% of its total population below 25 years of age, it seems feasible. Recent skill initiatives such as National Skill Development Mission, Amendment in The Apprentices Act etc. are examples of government’s action to move towards reality.
Employment landscape is changing swiftly, and new jobs are emerging with rapid disruption in the business models around the globe. Today’s job market and in-demand skills are hugely different from the ones of 10 or even 5 years ago and the pace of change is only set to accelerate. New jobs require new skills which either does not exist or the population is niche. Building a skilling system to match the new requirements, a system that responds well to business needs, while opening opportunities for all people is the need of the hour. Transforming the way employers invest in their workforce and use the skills of their employees can help meeting new skill requirements.
To discussed on the above current scenario on skill Development and catalyze the initiative, ASSOCHAM is planning to organize “Summit-cum-Awards on Skilling India: Skills to Employability” on 14th September, 2018 at Hotel Shangri-La, New Delhi.
Highlight of Summit:-
·         Skilling India for Make in India
·         Skill Development: Issues and Challenges in Industry
·         Transforming the Skill Landscape
·         Right Skills for Right Jobs
·         Employment Solution for Global Growth
·         Employment and Entrepreneurship
·         Skilling to Placement: Success Story & Way Forward
In recognition of achievement for Skill Development, Nominations are invited for the following Award Categories:-
1.      Best Vocational Training Provider (VTP) – Training
2.      Best Institute – Innovation on Skill Development
3.      Best Institute - Women Skill Development
4.      Best Institute – Placement
5.      Best Large Scale Private Organization – Training Programme
6.      Best Small Scale Private Organization – Training Programme
7.      Best Higher Vocational Institute for Skill Development
8.      Best University/Professional Institute for Skill Development
9.      Best PSU -Public Sector Training Programme
10.  Best NGO- Skill Development
11.  Best ITI-  Skill Development through PPP Model
12.  Best Sector Skill Council
13.  Best State in Skill Development
14.  Best Bank/Financial Institution who Support/Finance Skill Development
15.  Best International Organization in Skill Development
16.  Best Start up in Skill Development ( Less than  3 years of establishment)
Participant’s Profile

Policymakers & Regulators from Central and State Government
·         Government Organizations involved in Skill Development
·         Academic and training Institutes
·         Organization committed to Skill Development
·         Technical and Traditional Skill Training Providers
·         Civil Society and NGOs focused on Skill Development
·         VTPs, Assessing Bodies, Trainers, Assessors etc.
Considering the immense importance of this Summit-cum-Awards ceremony, ASSOCHAM takes this opportunity to invite you to kindly nominate your organization for Award(s) and participate as “Delegate” and set the tone and tenor of discussions in this summit.
We may also request your esteemed organization to avail limited Sponsorship Opportunities in this very important summit, to enhance your brand visibility. (Details attached)
Award Nomination fee per category: Rs. 12,500/- plus Rs. 2,250/- as 18% GST amounting to Rs. 14,750/-

Participation Fee per delegate: Rs. 3,500/- plus Rs. 630/- as 18 % GST amounting to Rs. 4,130/-
 (10% discount for two or more persons from the same organization)

For more details please contact: Mr. L. Robinson Singh (09650474873)
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