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Series of National Seminar on
Tax Deduction at Source (TDS)
June & July, 2016 Mumbai, New Delhi & Hyderabad

Over the years Tax deduction at Source (TDS) has emerged as a major tool of revenue collection in India. However, the way the provisions of the Income-tax Act, 1961 (the Act) dealing with the TDS are worded, taxpayers have to deal with several interpretational and procedural issues.  Adding to the complexity is plethora of judicial rulings on these issues. This is a cause of concern both for the taxpayers and Revenue. While the taxpayers grapple with consequential issues of cash flow, disallowances, interest, penalty and long drawn litigation the Revenue, has to deal with administrative issues of refund processing.

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Financial Clinic for MSMEs Facilitating Businesses for Sustainability

Encouraged by the immense success achieved for the above event in Delhi and also on the request from the other parts of the country to hold similar event in different metro cities, the National Council for Development of MSMEs, ASSOCHAM is pleased to announce a series of Seminars on “Financial Clinic for MSMEs – Facilitating Businesses for Sustainability” in the cities of Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Hyderabad as per the following schedule.

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23 - 30 August, 2016
Mumbai | Bengaluru | Kolkata | Hyderabad

4th National Conference and Awards on Waste to Wealth Solid Waste | Industrial Waste | E-Waste

With nearly 17.5% of global population, India is currently the second most populous nation in the world. By 2050 India's population is expected to touch 1.6 million. Rapid economic growth, urbanization, and industrialization alongside this population explosion generate significant waste and adversely impact our environment. Industrialization while being vital for the development of a country inevitably also is associated with serious environmental pollution. The rapid strides in industrialization of modern India over last few decades and a 31.8% growth of urban Indian population touching 377 million, a figure which out numbers the entire population of the US, underline a tremendous need as well as opportunities for innovative approaches to waste management services in our country.

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30 June, 2016
India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

ARCON-2016 2nd summit on Asset Reconstruction companies

Asset Reconstruction Companies (ARCs) were formed as a systemic response to tackle Growing NPAs of the banking system. Now, when stressed assets of the banking system have crossed 11 %-( including declared and potential bad loans) unprecedented in a decade- the role and effectiveness of ARCs is back in focus. In the last couple of years, Government of India and Reserve Bank of India have taken a series of initiatives to strengthen the effectiveness of the ARC sector

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01 July, 2016
Hotel Four Seasons, Worli, Mumbai

3rd National Conference Financial Frauds Risks, Challenges & Preventions

India has witnessed a phenomenal economic growth with increased reach and penetration of new era financial products and policies, and the fast changing corporate landscape. However, this growth has been fraught with the substantial increase in financial and corporate frauds. Further, Financial Institutions and Corporates are being increasingly targeted by technologically adept fraudsters. To address these challenges, a fine tuning of legislative reforms, building strong and adequate internal control systems and cyber security measures, and internal/external audits, is required on an ongoing basis. On the path to global integration and opening up of the economy, the supervision as well as reach of all sectors needs to be strengthened to create a firewall for minimizing financial and corporate frauds which of late seem to have become more prominent.

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01 July, 2016
Hotel Shangri-La`s, New Delhi

2nd National Symposium-cum-Awards on Nutraceuticals, Herbals, & Functional Foods Promoting Holistic Wellness

While the healthcare sector of India is on a rise, there is another segment of pharmaceuticals that is not left very far behind. This is the sector of Functional foods, dietary supplements, herbal products or health foods, known worldwide as NUTRACUETICALS. The NUTRACUETICALS segment has been growing at a fast pace in India because of the growing health awareness, and the higher disposable income at hand especially amongst the urban population.

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05 July, 2016
Hotel Shangri-La, New Delhi

17th Energy Summit - Indian Oil & Gas Sector - Oil & Gas Operations in Low Price Regime -

The government is looking forward to intensive exploration in the Indian Hydrocarbon basins and expeditions development of all available hydrocarbon resources in the country, including CBM and Shale oil and gas. The country is now moving towards a new era of hydrocarbon production driven by a forward looking Hydrocarbon Exploration and Licensing Policy (HELP) and a new fiscal model based on Revenue Sharing Contract. This new move will address various industry concerns that led to slowdown in investment over the last few years

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07 July, 2016
Hotel Shangri – La, New Delhi

International Summit D M I C _HUB FOR INVESTORS -Issues and Solutions-

The DelhiMumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) is a massive $100 billion project that envisages the transformation of a vast strip of land stretching across 150 Km on each side of the highspeed 1483 KM long corridor. The DMIC seeks to create strong economic base with globally competitive environment and state-of-the-art infrastructure to activate local commerce, enhance foreign investments and attain sustainable development. It is approximately 43 % contribution to the country’s GDP. It is one of the biggest industrial development projects ever undertaken by the Government of India and aims to boost the manufacturing and export sector and promote industrial and economic development in the country.

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14 July, 2016
Hotel Le-Meridien, New Delhi

National Summit on Microfinance Trending Microfinance: Knocking at the door of aspiring entrepreneurs.

ASSOCHAM representing over 4,50,000 large, medium, small and micro units is fully committed to work with vision of promoting inclusive growth drives and to create sustainable and value based entrepreneurial culture for the robust development of the Micro and small enterprises

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19 July, 2016
Hotel Taj Krishna, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

Delegation of Food and Agricultural Companies to ISRAEL

Mr Sunil Kanoria President ASSOCHAM has kindly consented to lead a high level delegation of the Indian companies from Food and Agriculture sector to Israel from July 23 – 29, 2016. Detailed proposed itinerary for the delegation is attached. A concept note prepared on the business opportunities and scope for the delegation is also attached.

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23 - 29 July, 2016

10th Public Procurement Summit -Enhancing Transparency, Efficiency and Accountability-

Government procurement has become a specialized function in the era of globalization. The changing business environment calls for efficient, responsive and transparent purchase procedures. Today, the world class organizations talk about the dedicated suppliers and emphasize on need of an Efficient, Transparent and Effective Supply Chain Management.

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27 July, 2016
Hotel Royal Plaza, New Delhi

9th ASSOCHAM Cyber and Network Security Summit

ASSOCHAM along with the Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France, for the past many years, through the Annual Summit on Cyber & Network Security, being officially Supported by the Ministry of Communications & IT, Government of India, has created a platform for the Central Ministries, State Governments, Academia, Industry and other global stakeholders to come together and deliberate on increasing the awareness and implementation of security in the Indian cyberspace.  This year ASSOCHAM proposes to organize the9th Annual Summit on Cyber & Network Security on 29th July 2016 at a prominent hotel in New Delhi.

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National Conference on Social Security & Role of Equity Market

Social security is one of the basic human rights of people and it is essential for the well-being of society. It has a significant impact on the labour market. Social security has also strongly suggested contributing to economic growth by raising labour productivity and enhancing social stability. It is an indispensable part of government social policy and an important tool to prevent and alleviate poverty.

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03 August, 2016
Hotel Shangri-La, New Delhi


Special Economic Zones (SEZs) have been established in many countries as testing grounds for the implementation of liberal market economy. These are also viewed as instruments to enhance the acceptability and the credibility of the transformation policies, to attract domestic and foreign investment and also for the opening up of the economy. Today, there are more than 3,000 SEZs in 120 countries and they account for over US$ 600 Bn in exports and 50 Mn direct jobs.

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04 August, 2016
Hotel Le Meridien – New Delhi

AGRI & FOOD PROCESSOR CONCLAVE: Finance - Technology - Market

The Food Processing sector in India is one of the largest in terms of production, consumption, export and growth prospects. Apart from providing vital linkages between industry and agriculture it creates synergy between the two and has potential for providing jobs in far flung areas of India. Moreover it is well known fact that a significance proportion of the agriculture produce get wasted during transition from place of production to consumption as well as during storage. Realizing significance of Food processing sector, Ministry of Food processing Industries, Government of India has accorded priority to its development with a number of schemes for Infrastructure development, fiscal relief and incentives. Through all these measure, efforts are to encourage commercialization and value addition to agriculture produce, minimize post harvest wastage, generate employment and boost exports of processed food.

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04 August, 2016
SKUAST, Srinagar

9th International FAD 2016 Summit cum Awards Food Processing Agri Business & Dairy

Changing demographic profile coupled with increasing disposable income of middle class families is fuelling growth of Food processing and allied sectors in India. During past decades the sector has grown at a CAGR of 10 per cent and estimated to be at US$ 200 billion by 2018. Realizing potential for growth in this sector, Union and State Governments in India have enabled favorable policy environment for attracting investment to the Food Processing Sector. As a result there is splurge for investment into infrastructure, R&D, technology, food safety, manufacturing, logistics and skill development in food processing sector.

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11 - 12 August, 2016
Hotel Pride Plaza, Ahmedabad

5th International Conference & Exhibition Homeland Security Industry’s Role in National Security

“The Fourth Generation Warfare is more about being prepared to tackle Internal Security challenges by the police then facing External aggression by the Army”- Shri Ajit Doval, National Security Advisor stated while speaking at the 67th batch of IPS officer trainees’ parade held at the Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel National Police Academy (SBVPNPA) in Hyderabad.

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16 - 17 August, 2016
Hotel Shangri-La, New Delhi

National workshop on Drafting of Commercial Agreements

In our day-to-day course of business, regardless of the size of operations, it is fundamental to regulate and document business relationships. By definition, commercial agreements represent a combination of commercial and legal factors. Needless to highlight, deficiencies while drafting commercial agreements saddles an irreparable loss to our business. Therefore in any businesses or organizations, the key requirement is to ensure that the legal arrangements allow the full commercial benefits to be realized.

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03 September, 2016
ASSOCHAM House, New Delhi


“India has benefited from the lower oil prices and remains the fastest growing large economy in the world, with GDP expected to increase by 7.5 percent this year and next” says IMF May, 2016

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22 - 23 September, 2016
Hotel Shangri La, New Delhi

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