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Tourism in India is a large industry. The World Travel and Tourism Council calculated that tourism generated $121 billion or 6.4% of the nation's GDP. It was responsible for 39,3 million jobs, 7.9% of its total employment. The GDP of the tourism sector has expanded 229% between 1990 and 2011. The sector is predicted to grow at an average annual rate of 7,7% in the next decade. This gave India the fifth rank among countries with the fastest growing tourism industry. As per the ASSOCHAM report; India has a large medical tourism sector too which is expected to grow at an estimated rate of 30% annually to reach about 9,500 crore by 2015.
Where there are Challenges, there is Opportunities. The emerging dimensions in Indian tourism and challenges posed due to globalization and liberalization as well as new trends in the tourism markets compels all the destinations to develop new products and strengthen or re-engineer the existing products for retaining, enhancing and capturing new markets. The effective tourism development is the panacea for the success of the tourism industry. The success of the future tourism development will depend upon how fast we are incorporating and implementing the effective tourism development techniques. While the opportunities are immense in tourism, there are also challenges associated with it related to hospitality sector. However there are many issues related to tourism that needs to be addressed. Beginning with the hospitality industry - hotels, motels and their accessories are facing constraints on taxation front. The tourism industry also faces problems of common taxation and huge outgo of service tax.
Now it’s a crucial time to discuss major concepts of effective tourism development in Indian context: Destination Development, Human Resource Management and Open Sky Policy and focused discussion Tourism Policy, infrastructure, destinations, terrorism, sustainable tourism development, Global Tourism Boom, Economy and taxes etc.
Viewing this wonderful untapped potential and incredible opportunities for the Hospitality and Tourism sector, ASSOCHAM is pleased to announce THE India (Tourism and Hospitality Event- India): Emerging New Dimensions, Issues, Challenges & Opportunity at Ahmedabad.
THE India will also provide an ideal platform for the Hospitality industry to showcase its very best in products, technology and services and new innovations to the Indian market which is seen as an important investment destination by various hotel and resort chains from the world over.


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