Key Stakeholders
Ayurvedic products manufacturers

Yoga and Naturopathy products dealers

Unani Products manufacturers

Siddha products manufacturers

Homeopathy products dealers

Food supplement dealers

Health Fitness System

Yoga Centers and Therapists

Herbal Panchl‹arma therapists

Herbs and Medicinal Plants suppliers

Ayurveda Colleges & Institutions

Homeopathy Colleges & Institutions

Healthcare/IT service providers

Banks/Financial Institutions

Companies offering Healthcare Consultancy & Business Development Solutions

Hospital Industry

Book Writers

Laboratories & Diagnostics Centers

Hospital Design & Infrastructure Solutions Providers

Those interested in Investing in Healthcare

Diplomatic Missions

Commercial Counsellors of Different Countries

Academicians /Researchers

Technology Providers

Government officials/Policy Mal‹ers/Regulators


Financial Institutions

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