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Rapid economic growth, leading to urbanisation and higher disposable incomes, has helped propel growth of luxury goods. Moreover, increasing retail presence of luxury players across the country and higher numbers of brands entering the country has resulted in strong performance of luxury goods.
Lack of suitable infrastructure, high tax rates, rental costs and parallel growing market of counterfeits are some major problems that are a cause of concern for luxury players entering India. Another  important  challenge faced  by luxury  retailers  is  how  to  best  convey a  brand’s heritage,  authenticity  and  craftsmanship  while  making  “Indenisation”  strategies. International  luxury  players  will  have  to  focus  on  localization  to  win  the  heart  of „Indians‟ but at the same time they have to preserve their brands‟ heritage for which they are known for years.
Fragmented and diversified customer base makes it difficult for the retailers to reach them. Indian buyer is still traditional in his or her preferences. Apart from people with old money who  are regular buyers and the  rich professionals who are conscious  spenders, there is a huge section which comprises of businessmen who have the resources, but do not have an eye to appreciate fine luxury brands due to lack of exposure, accessibility and brand awareness.
Ø  The objective of the ASSOCHAM National Council on Luxury  is to provide valuable inputs and suggestions on behalf of Industry for policy change in the Luxury Sector towards facilitating a Industry friendly environment
Ø  Through policy advocacy, conferences, seminars, council meetings, strategy papers, recommendations, etc, ASSOCHAM will pursue these objectives along with government’s policy to accommodate and drive the high growth of the Luxury Sector.



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