National Council on Manufacturing objective is to actively engage in government policy discussion and contribute with concreate recommendations in consultation with the industry members. Also, raise industry concerns at different forum of the ministries, departments as well as states. The council has been recommending through representations of various sub-sectors. The council interacts closely with the industry members, subject experts, and also sectoral associations of different manufacturing sector.
Also, the Council holds activities like conferences, roundtable discussions, seminars etc. at National Level as well as regional/state level. The broad objective to hold activities are as follows:

ü  Short term and long term policy recommendations to Central Government, State Governments and Independent Agencies
ü  The council conducts industry survey to assess the business.
ü  Interaction with Leading Industry representatives, Government Officials, Policy Makers, Multilateral Agencies
ü  Platform to exchange ideas & discuss challenges and opportunities during discussions




Head of Govt. and External Affairs
BMW Group
Bridgestone Tyres Pvt. Ltd.

Vice Chairman
G.D. Foods Mfg.(l) Pvt. Ltd.




Mr. Nahid Alam
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