India has bold aspirations: to become an empowered country and to improve quality of life for its citizens. Education plays a pivotal role in the process of training and developing knowledge, skill and character of people. The country has been a center of exemplary institutions aiming at quality education such as the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs). However, for last four decades our record has been less than exemplary even as other developing nations have raced ahead of us in nurturing academic talent, and in promoting research. The performance of neighboring countries like China in this regard has been the most extraordinary. Even till the early years of the 21st century, the gap between India and China in terms of the number of top-ranked universities and in terms of the gross enrolment ratio in higher education was marginal. Since then, China has moved far ahead of India with 48% GER as compared to 26% in India.

ASSOCHAM strongly believes that it is the actual players in the Industry that have the responsibility of playing an active role in helping the Government in policy making. It is through its Expert Committees and National Councils on different business interests that ASSOCHAM is able to orchestrate directed deliberations, which often result in important ideas that, if made a policy decision, can impact the operation of our nation in that aspect.  ASSOCHAM’s National Council of Education is just one of these bodies which endeavor to observe, analyze and recommend the trajectory on which we all wish to see India moving on.

With the vision of India 2030 in mind and the challenges that we have in front of us, the National Council of Education formed 3 committees to work on different areas:

Revamping Higher Education: Partnering the progress and growth
2.      Skilling Architecture: Setting the Eco-System for Employability
3.      Rural Transformation through Education: The Road Ahead

The committees identify the issues that have contributed to stalling of growth of Higher Education, Skilling and Rural Development in the country and provide possible solutions to tackle them. 




Dr. Prashant Bhalla
Manav Rachna Educational Institutions
Founder & Trustee
Ashoka & Plaksha University
Co-Founder & Chancellor
Shobhit Institute of Engineering & Technology(Deemed to be University)


Mr. Neeraj Arora
Senior Director, ASSOCHAM
4th Floor, YMCA Cultural Centre and Library Building, 01, Jai Singh Road,
New Delhi - 110001
Phone: 011 46550555