Jharkhand State Development Council

ASSOCHAM initiated its endeavour of value creation for Indian industry in 1920. Having in its fold more than 400 Chambers and Trade Associations, and serving more than 4,50,000 members from all over India. It has witnessed upswings as well as upheavals of Indian Economy, and contributed significantly by playing a catalytic role in shaping up the Trade, Commerce and Industrial environment of the country.
Today, ASSOCHAM has emerged as the fountainhead of Knowledge for Indian industry, which is all set to redefine the dynamics of growth and development in the technology driven cyber age of ‘Knowledge Based Economy’. ASSOCHAM is seen as a forceful, proactive, forward looking institution equipping itself to meet the aspirations of corporate India in the new world of business. ASSOCHAM is working towards creating a conducive environment of India business to compete globally.
ASSOCHAM derives its strength from its Promoter Chambers and other Industry/ Regional Chambers/Associations spread all over the country. It was established in 1920 by promoter Chambers, representing all regions of India. 
Vision of ASSOCHAM is to empower Indian enterprises by inculcating knowledge that will be the catalyst of growth in the barrier less technology driven global market and help them upscale, align and emerge as formidable player in respective business segments.
ASSOCHAM articulates the genuine, legitimate needs and interest of its members. Its mission is to impact the policy and legislative environment so as to foster balanced economic, industrial and social development. We believe education, IT, BT, Health, Corporate Social Responsibility and Environment to be critical success factors.
v  Formation of Expert Committees
·       To kick start the formation of the Expert Committees on areas/sectors such as HR, Taxation, Shipping & Logistics, Retail, Energy, Banking & Insurance, Education & Skill Development, IT & ITES, Women Empowerment, Media & Entertainment, Entrepreneurship, IPR, Foreign Trade, Agriculture, Food Processing , Metals, Mining etc by identifying the Chairperson for each committee
·       To get the Expert Committee Chairpersons to form their team and to formulate the action plan for the year
v  Setting up Forums
·      To set up forums, under the leadership of a chairperson, that will meet (around 25-30 ppl) for breakfast every month, with guest speakers, while offline mentoring & coaching could also happen,Governance Forum (for young/mid level bureaucrats & led by a senior bureaucrat), Leadership Forum (focusing on building business leaders at all levels) and Young Entrepreneurs Forum (to also include Startups) could be possible forums
v  Mofussil Reach out
·     To reach out to tier 2 and tier 3 cities in Jharkhand such as Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Bokaro and identify areas of cooperation
v  Funding & Grants
·       Identify possible funding opportunities (for the above activities) and pursue them