During the COVID–19 pandemic, health and other severe vicious crises shrouded the socio-economic life of the entire world at peril. Both Indian and MNC’s impacted alike. In these critical days, ASSOCHAM encouraged and motivated both its member and non-member organizations to keep their employees motivated through practicing and demonstrating a comprehensive and proactive approach to lead equality, diversity, equity, fairness, and inclusion in all aspects of business. It is more about acknowledging the diverse skills and perspectives that people may bring at the workplace because of their different background. In the COVID 19 pandemic world, managing diversity is not an option rather it is a business imperative to have sustainable growth in the new socio-economic order. 

ASSOCHAM Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility (AFCSR)

ASSOCHAM FOUNDATION FOR CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (AFCSR), established as a Trust in the year 2013, to identify social, developmental and environmental issues that needs immediate attention, measureable results and sustainable solutions. AFCSR, under the kind aegis and rich legacy of ASSOCHAM,immensely contributing towards development needs and challenges towards solving them by identifying, developing and resolving it through activities and programs.In any country, the real development needs an enabling environment to achieve the goals of equitable and inclusive growth and bridging the gender and economic inequalities. 
Vision and Mission
The ASSOCHAM FOUNDATION FOR CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY brings in the vision of ensuring sustainable, just and balanced development. The overarching aim is to create an inclusive growth, enhance international cooperation and foremost to render prominent services to our member and non member partners for just and equitable growth and development and a long term future for business while shaping a more sustainable society.

An objective is to identify the current social and environmental issues along with its sustainable solutions which may be addressed and eventually it will lead to the growth and development of nation as well as the responsible businesses based on Schedule VII of Section 135 of Companies Act, 2013.

Programs and Activities conducted by AFCSR
As a responsible entity, AFCSR earnestly working towards UN–Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).AFCSR also assist the Corporate in framing their CSR Policies, identify and suggest activities under CSR aligning with the national priorities and facilitate networking for effective implementation of CSR projects. AFCSR already putting forward the developmental agenda by implementing numerous social initiatives i.e. Health Camps, Road Safety Awareness, Training Programs including the empowerment of differently able persons, women and marginalized persons, education, Swachh Bharat, and others. Creative and innovative strategies are employed to transform the society into healthier and happier life. Good Health and Clean Environment are pre-requisite and foundation of every nation to achieve the vision of ‘equitable and just society’. In the guiding spirit and light of Schedule VII, Section 135, Companies Act, 2013, AFCSR organize the programs and activities relating to :
Healthcare, Hygiene and Nutrition
Lack of hygiene and nutrition is a public health challenge. Improved accessible and affordable healthcare including preventive health facilities are foundation for achieving the real growth. Innovative models are practiced to bridge the gap and transform the system. With a primary objectivetopromote ‘Health for ALL’, an innovative model and comprehensive approach based programs and activities are adopted, through hygiene practices and safe, healthy and nutritious food habits, to address the major issues related to preventive healthcare management, hygiene, nutrition, etc to promote overall health and well-being of people and to realize full potential of the people in the country.
Environment and Sustainability
ASSOCHAM CSR project team supported by its esteemed members running campaigns to combat the air pollution across India involving key stakeholders including the government officials, healthcare professionals, village community involving farmers, students, local residents and respectable people representing the resident welfare association

Road Safety
Lack of Road Safetyhas an adverse and deep negative impact and implications on economic, social and overall development of the economy. The paramount objective is to cascade public awareness about road safety issues, formidable challengesfor a comprehensive understanding of factors involving post-crash serious injuries and fatal deaths and sharing best practices and sustainable solutionsso that effective steps may be taken to mitigate these. Organize interactive programs, conferences to share best practices and innovations across globe to make roads safer and secure among various stakeholders.

Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity and Inclusion is the utmost priority of all the leading corporateand Government’s topmost agenda.The objectives are realized by facilitating a common platform for decision makers from Government, Corporate and other key stakeholders to discuss on policy matters, innovative approaches & sharing the best practices.

Diversity and Inclusion at workplace encompasses many positive aspects and a pre-requisite to derive the optimum demographic dividends. It removes individual barriers to support to ensure all employees enjoy full participation at a workplace.In this regard, AFCSR relentlessly endeavors to promote gender diversity and empower persons with disabilities, promote equal opportunities policies at Workplace through its innovative activities and practices. Promote of safe work environment for Persons with Disabilities through Accessible & Assistive Technology. Last but not least important, sensitize the members and promote Corporate to comply the Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH).