Underground Construction and Tunnelling

Council Brief :

India is one of the fastest growing markets for Tunnel construction. The council played pivotal role in policy making and shaping Government’s thought process towards creating these national assets.
ASSOCHAM provided conducive platform for stakeholder interactions. Facilitated interactions between MoRTH, NHA, NHIDCL, key industry stakeholders including developers, consultants, contractors and technology and solution providers.
The Council has been instrumental in bringing changes that will ensure rapid and seamless development of the National tunnels economically and in time bound manner through enforcement of EPC Contracts especially for Underground Construction and Tunneling. 
The council comprises up of a group of eminent industry leaders who have vast experience and domain knowledge.
Achievements of the Council

ASSOCHAM’s recommendations  for Enforcement of EPC Contracts for Underground Construction and Tunneling, have been accepted by Hon’ble

Union Minister.  Accordingly MoRTH has :
1.    Established a separate tunnel zone within the Ministry

Set up a Panel of Technical experts including exclusively ASSOCHAM nominated industry experts along with other Academicians and Government organisations.  The EXPERT Committee will:
i)             Formulate guidelines for design and construction of tunnels,
ii)            Draft SoPs for Geological and Geotechnical investigations, construction, operation and maintenance of tunnels,
iii)           Develop Contract Document (PMC, O&M and Civil Works)
These Guidelines, SoPs and Contract Document will be exclusively for tunneling and underground projects (would be different from regular on-surface road and Highway contracts)

Setting up Digitalisation Center under the Tunnel Zone in the Ministry. 

Shri Nitin Gadkari Hon’ble Union Minister for Road, Transport and Highways, Govt of India acknowledged contribution towards Rs. 5000 Crores savings in the Zojila Tunnel Project at various forums.

Shri Gadkari congratulated
ASSOCHAM for series of discussions and submission of its recommendations that led to the modification of MORTH EPC contract document for Tunnel construction in India. He credited ASSOCHAM for its contribution that helped the Nation save Rs. 5000 crores. Zojila Tunnel construction is underway, after previously four failed tenders, was bid out and awarded @ INR 6,000 cr. instead of the initial proposal of INR 11,000 cr. 
The following video may be uploaded on council page.
·         Events Held :
ü  Meetings held with NHAI, NHIDCL – September 27, 2019
ü  Round Table Discussion with Shri Nitin Gadkari Hon’ble Union Minister For Road, Transport And Highways ‘Enforcement Of EPC Contracts for Underground Construction And Tunneling’ – February 12, 2020.
ü  For Underground Construction and Tunnelling in High Altitude Geo Strata
ü  The Challenges in respect of MoRT&H Standard EPC Contract
ü  Presentation on Infrastructure Pipeline at Dept of Economic Affairs (DEA) - January 2020
ü  Interaction with Shri. I.K Pandey, DG (RD) & SS, MoRTH  and other officials from MoRTH – April 16, 2020
ü  Technologies and Policy for Digitalisation of Infrastructure - Interaction with Shri Nitin Gadkari, Hon'ble Union Minister for Roads, Transport and Highways – October 31, 2020
·         Forthcoming Events :
ü  Round Table Discussion with Piyush Goyal Hon’ble Minister for Railways on EPC Contracts for Railways – June 2021
ü  Round Table Discussion with Minister for Urban Development / State Governments - EPC Contracts for Underground Metro tunnels – August-September 2021
ü  Seminar: Digitalisation of Infrastructure (jointly with Norwegian/Switzerland Embassy) – September 2021
·         Policy Notes:
ü  Enforcement of EPC Contract for Underground Construction – Challenges and Solutions



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