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Capital markets play a crucial role in the economic development of a country, by providing financial resources required for the long term sustainable development of the economy. The Indian capital markets have a history of more than a century. India is one of the fastest growing wealth management markets in the world. The Indian equity market is expanding in terms of market capital, widening the field for brokerage firms, new products segments and the growth of derivatives trading. India is expected to be fourth largest private wealth market globally by 2028. This substantial growth in the market capitalization would be the key to drive the advancement of primary and secondary market, bond market, fund management as well as currency and commodity market.
Investments in various financial market instruments offer different investment avenues for investors. Investors not only determine the level and magnitude of activities in the securities market but also in the economy as a whole. However, there are various risks also involved. Hence, investors have to be well aware about the associated risk and needs adequate knowledge to compare the risks and expected returns, while taking investment decisions. The often neglected small investors in India require awareness on savings and investment, which provides them an opportunity to safeguard their hard earned money.
This Council jointly works with the Government for creating a conducive policy and regulatory environment leading to new opportunities in Indian Capital Market for the Investors. The Council through various programmes also aim at creating a larger pool of informed investors and simultaneously encouraging a greater number of common people to participate in the corporate economy through various investment instruments and to familiarize them with the basic fundamentals of investment and risk management and their rights and responsibilities to build confidence among them to invest in corporate securities so that not only the corporate markets grow but so does the Indian economy.


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