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2nd International Conference on “Financial Reporting & Control: Recent Developments and Challenges”

  • 29 Jun, 2022

In order to make, transform and build more agile organizations through internal management as well as efficient reporting and compliances to the regulators and communicating with other external stakeholders, it takes on how economic performance measurement systems are designed and managed. An improvement in resource allocation and strategy implementation as essential ingredients aligned with evolving key concepts, frameworks in financial accounting standards, integrated financial reporting, management accounting and control systems help in accomplishing multiple complex goals.

New-age technologies coupled with the application of big data within the accounting field are playing a pivotal role and bringing out transformation impact through transparent and real-time, better management control systems. A review and revisit of the adoption of standards, policies as well as technological advancement which have implications on accounting information systems and compliances as well as overall decision making from time to time are the needs of the corporates and professionals.

Towards alignment with recent amendments in Financial Accounting Standards, co-evolving requirements of Integrated Financial Reporting in the age of holding of digital assets, ESG Frameworks along with changes in Extensive Business Reporting Language (XBRL) taxonomy and to provide exposure to emerging accounting technologies to the accounting, finance and technology professionals, ASSOCHAM is organizing International Conference on “Financial Reporting & Control: Recent Developments and Challenges” on 29th June 2022 at New Delhi.

The conference would be addressed by eminent practitioners and experts drawn from industry, and having technology accounting, financial and regulatory background in and outside India.

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