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8th AGRO & FOOD PROCESSING Summit & Award - 2023

  • 10 Mar, 2023

India’s Food Processing Sector in recent years, has been known for its high growth and high profits, thus, increasing its contribution to the world food trade every year. Rising household incomes, Urbanizations and the growth of organized retail are currently some of the major drivers of this sunrise sector. With a strong agricultural background and several favourable trends supporting its progress, the Indian food processing industry is on the cusp of a transformation, and the industry could potentially grow at a CAGR of 10-11 per cent to reach $500-530 billion by FY27. Realizing potential for growth in this sector, Union and State Governments in India have enabled favourable policy environment to strengthen Food Processing Sector and to attracting maximum investment into it. With proper investment in food processing, technical innovation, R&D, logistics and infrastructure with a special focus on food safety & Skill development, India could become the “FOOD BASKET” to world. 

India has the potential to become the World’s food factory; however, there is a strong need to develop Good Infrastructure and to strengthen nexus between farmers, food processing industries & markets. As Market Linkages, good infrastructure and value-added products are the best strategies farmers can employ to improve net profitability. Hand holding by the Government agencies is need of the hour to improve living standards of the farmers. Value addition in agriculture presents an opportunity to integrate agriculture with industry and market Linkage. In this context there are innovations by the large corporation as well as people’s groups to add value to the agricultural commodities and deliver to consumers. These innovations may be game changer, if identified, localized and scaled up. At the same time value-added products can open new markets, enhance the public\'s appreciation for the farm, and extend the marketing season.

With this background, ASSOCHAM is happy to announce its annual & flagship event i.e. 8th AGRO & FOOD PROCESSING SUMMIT & AWARDS - 2023 with special focus on “INVESTMENT - TECHNOLOGY- INFRASTRUCTURE – FINANCE – SKILL DEVELOPMENT” on 10th March, 2023 @ Ahmedabad, Gujarat, with an objective to provide a platform for stakeholders/MSME’s to discuss challenges & chalking down the roadmap for the growth & development of this sector. The Summit will mark the presence of key International and national stakeholders , representatives from union and state governments, academia, start-ups, technology providers, Women Entrepreneurs, R&D Institutes, Financial Institutes, food safety experts, FPO’s etc to share their knowledge in this area. This summit will also offer unique branding and business opportunities to the organizations engaged in food processing & allied sector. The exhibition during the summit will also provide the excellent platform to brand and showcase the product & services of the Company.

In order to get Food processing & allied sector its share for excellence in new technology and innovation to move forward. ASSOCHAM has announced its “6th FOOD INNOVATION & EXCELLENCE AWARDS-2023” in concurrence with SUMMIT on 10th March, 2023 to recognise and to honour excellence & Innovations in Food processing & allied sector.

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