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Leadership Virtual Session with Ms. Palak Mehta (Founder & CEO Vegan First)

  • 29 Nov, 2021
  • 11:00 AM

As we all are aware that a clarion call for Atmanirbhar Bharat with the Slogan of ‘Be Vocal for Local’ has been given by the Hon’ble Prime Minister. This has been envisaged as a great opportunity to strengthen Brand India & will act as a catalyst for domestic companies, which are endowed with unmatched talent that is able to outperform competition given a level playing field. The mission is supplemented and restructured including supply chain reforms that are going to impact and promote manufacturing in India. Primarily, for the Indian market and then also sourcing for the international market. Time is opportune for all the organisations to facilitate focused promotion strategies like ‘Make in India’ and thus benefit the Indian economy and mark their presence globally.

However, currently, our Indian talent pool still needs to harness the essential skillset to diminish the skill gaps. Post-pandemic, the skills that are growing in demand are to be combined with technical knowledge and soft skills-set, for a precise future vision. Skill development and enhancement is a prominent way to generate employment and other beneficial opportunities for women. Online trainings through webinars are going to play a key role in the skilling process. Supporting their skills through technical and professional education, training and development will help close the well-recognised skill gap and ultimately help the overall development of the nation. To be self-reliant and empowered as a citizen necessitates the same for the nation.

Sustainability of food system and its consumption is imperative as gradual hike in global warming is alarming to a massive turnover and it can be disastrous. Our food systems are highly animal agriculture-based and thereby diversification is needed to reduce climatic pressure occurring from one type of farming (food) system. Veganism or the consumption of an entirely plant-based diet is quite new, it addresses many of the facets of today’s agricultural system such as unethical practices in farming, inhumane treatment with animals, environmental externalities, homogeneous food system leading to unsustainability, etc. Veganism and incorporation of more plant based diet can help in improving health of the humans and planet in general.

In view of the above context, ASSOCHAM is organising Capacity Building Series, Leadership Virtual Session with Ms. Palak Mehta (Founder & CEO, Vegan First) on November 29, 2021 at 11 AM, to educate and inspire youth, young entrepreneurs and women towards self-reliant India. We are glad to invite you to attend this virtual session.

An e-certificate will be provided to all the attendees after completion of the event.

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