4th Bio-Nano Agri Summit-2015
Technologies to Transform Agriculture in India


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03 September, 2015
India Habitat Center, New Delhi

Agriculture continues to be backbone of developing economies including India for its vital role in providing food, feed, fibre, fuel and livelihood for the world’s 800 million people who suffer from hunger and poverty. Of the many strategies that have been forwarded to address the issues of global poverty and environmental degradation, bio-nano-technology is seen as a viable contribution to the solution. Bio-nano-technology worldwide including India has demonstrated potential to improve the lives of small-scale farmers. Hence, there is need for creating a world class forum to facilitate sharing and dissemination of scientific knowledge as well as transfer of technologies through public-private partnerships to help achieve agricultural sustainability and development.


To pursue the goal of agricultural development, we are pleased to inform you that ASSOCHAM in association with Department of Scientific and Industrial Research is organizing 4th BIO-NANO-AGRI SUMMIT 2015 Technologies to transform Agriculture in India” on 03rd September 2015 at India Habitat Center, New Delhi. The summit will largely focus in R&D, technical innovations, investments, policy guidance, market outlook, prospects for international cooperation in research & development, production and commercialization, agricultural biotech innovations and a new agri-economic future with untapped market potential in bio-nano-agriculture development.


  • To bring industry, academia & policy makers come together at a common platform and brainstorm the possibilities of use of bio-nano-technology in agriculture.

  • To discuss the bio-nano-tech interventions used globally in improving agriculture productivity.

  • To promote smart agriculture in India so as to promote optimization of available resources in a sustainable manner

  • To abreast the business world in general and delegates In particular about emerging opportunities for investment in Bio-Nano-Agri sector in India

  • Deliberating on PPP or other new business models for investments in Bio-Nano-agriculture


Registration Fees: 

  • Delegate Fee: 2500 per delegate ( 10% Discount for 2 or more delegates from same organization.)
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