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13 December, 2017
Hotel The Park, New Delhi.

Road Traffic Injuries (RTIs) and road deaths are a major public health problem to which inadequate attention has been paid. Currently estimated to be the ninth leading cause of death across all age groups globally, road traffic crashes lead to the loss of over 1.2 million lives and cause nonfatal injuries to as many as 50 million people across globe each year.


Today, Road safety has become a major concern for the regulatory authorities and much need to be done in the field of Road Safety Management. Road safety is a Shared responsibility. The inclusion of a road safety target in the Sustainable Development Goals to halve road traffic deaths and injuries by 2020 has generated interest in countries to strengthen the implementation of road traffic injury prevention measures to help meet that target.


In this context, with an objective to promote awareness about the various aspects of road safety and discuss on meaningful role of different stakeholders, ASSOCHAM is organizing 3rd Conference on Safe Road – Safe LifeRole of Stakeholders” on Wednesday, 13th December, 2017 at Hotel The Park, New Delhi.


ASSOCHAM is also going to launch a Campaign on Road Safety awareness along with stakeholders involving Schools, Resident Welfare Associations, Corporate, Traffic Police, and NGOs across the Society. 


Since Road Safety is a major concern in the country and subject has specific relevance to your organization, on behalf of ASSOCHAM, we are cordially inviting your organization to become a Partner for this highly significant and very timely Conference.


For further details of the program including partnership opportunities please contact my colleagues Mr. Chander Taneja @ 09810412217 (chander.taneja@assocham.com) or Mr. Neeraj Mishra @    09415964243 (Neeraj.mishra@assocham.com).


Look forward to hearing an affirmative and kind favorable response from you at the earliest as per your kind convenience.


Thanking your with warm regards,


Sandeep Kumar Jain

Joint Director



Registration Fees: 

  • Registration Fee: Rs. 3,000/ + 18% GST - Per Delegate (10% discount on more than 3 delegates) 
  • For more details please contact: 

    Chander Taneja M: 9810412217 E: chander.taneja@assocham.com
    Neeraj Mishra M: 9415964243 E: neeraj.mishra@assocham.com

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