5th National Symposium
Nutraceuticals : The Future of Nutrition & Health


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26 September, 2019
Hotel The Royal Plaza, New Delhi

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The quality of life in terms of income, spending and lifestyle has improved with economic development. However, it has also thrown up a major challenge in the form of `lifestyle diseases'. The first victim of this lifestyle change has been food habits. Consumption of junk food has increased manifold, which has led to a number of diseases related to nutritional deficiencies. Nutraceuticals can play an important role in controlling them. No wonder more and more people are turning to nutraceuticals.


Increasing awareness levels about fitness and health, spurred by media coverage are prompting the majority of people to lead healthier lifestyles, exercise more, and eat healthy. The expanding nutraceutical market indicates that end users are seeking minimally processed food with extra nutritional benefits and organoleptic value. This development, in turn, is propelling expansion in the nutraceutical markets globally. The emerging nutraceuticals industry seems destined to occupy the landscape in the new millennium. Its tremendous growth has implications for the food, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and agricultural industries.


Currently, India nutraceuticals market is urban centric. Functional Food enjoys largest share of the Indian nutraceuticals market followed by dietary supplements. This trend will drive the market for fortified food, prebiotic and probiotic. However, the Indian nutraceuticals industry is facing challenges like market fragmentation, lack of information on benefits, efficacy of the product, spurious brands/products and lack of awareness of regulatory issues.


The nutraceutical industry is growing at a rate far exceeding expansion in the food and pharmaceutical industries. In tomorrow’s market, the most successful nutraceutical players are likely to be those companies in which functional product are just a part of a broad line of goods satisfying both conventional and health value point. Future demand of nutraceutical depends on consumer perception of the relationship between diet and disease.


With this background, ASSOCHAM is organizing 5th National Symposium on Nutraceuticals: The Future of Nutrition and Health on 26th September 2019 at Hotel The Royal Plaza, New Delhi with an aim to discuss the ever changing regulatory landscape, consumer trends, innovative technologies and industry-wide challenges in order to remain competitive in a growing market.


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