Webinar on
Illness to Wellness
“Sleep Disorder: Sleep Healthy – Live Healthy”


25 March, 2021

Illness to Wellness
is an innovative way and comprehensive approach to cascade awareness about wellness campaign, to address preventive healthcare management and to promote health, hygiene, and well-being of people.

A sleep disorder is a medical disorder characterized by alteration in normal sleep patterns or sleep behaviours are disturbed. Sleep disorders are primarily of several major categories and types. The COVID–19 pandemic has increased struggles with sleep manifold across the globe. People across all ages have been experiencing trouble sleep during this pandemic, especially the young working professionals between the age group of 25 and 45 due to battling work related and other stress, isolation, etc. In 2020, Indians slept worst as the COVID–19 pandemic disrupted their work-life balance or working at odd hours, fear about falling ill or future or financial insecurity. 

Sleep may be barometer for overall health. The long-term sleep deprivation is detrimental to good health and affect every aspect of life ranging from work performance including the increased potential risk of neurology, depression, mental health, extreme weight variations (weight loss or weight gain), diabetes, cardiovascular and other critical diseases. However, most of the sleep disorders are treatable.

With the objectives of cascading awareness and disseminating knowledge about the sleep disorders and addressing various other such medical conditions, ASSOCHAM is organizing a webinar on Illness to Wellness: “Sleep Disorder: Sleep Healthy – Live Healthy” scheduled on Thursday, 25th March 2021 from 11.00 AM to 12.30 PM.

Invited Speakers

1.      Dr Rajesh Chawla, Senior Consultant Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi, European Diploma in Intensive Care (EDIC)

2.      Dr. Shamsher Dwivedee, Chairman Neurosciences and Director Clinical Services, Vimhans Nayati Super Speciallity Hospital, New Delhi

3.      Dr. Shivanshu Raj Goyal, Consultant, Speciality in Respiratory & Sleep Medicine, Department of Pulmonology, Artemis Hospitals

4.      Dr. Rajesh Kesari, Founder and Director, Total Care Control

5.      Shri Anil Rajput, Chairperson, ASSOCHAM CSR Council

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