Knowledge Management Virtual Meet
Entrepreneurship Development


10 April, 2021

With many countries facing economic challenges across the globe, it has become important that greater entrepreneurial activity be incorporated by the governments. There is a direct relation between entrepreneurial activity and economic development. Governments across the globe are highly recognizing the positive impact of new businesses on the employment levels and other social and economic growth. 
Entrepreneurs and businesses form an essential part of the society. Entrepreneurs play an important role in bringing up the society in terms of financial and human resources. India being a developing country requires more and more successful young entrepreneurs to meet the growing needs of the country.


Young students have the inevitable power of doing things with great courage and they look out to ditch the corporate rat race. The students of the present generation look out to become their own bosses and aspire to invent new things. Entrepreneurship must be made a part of education just as science, mathematics, technology and language form a part of education .Entrepreneurship is a way of thinking and it is an approach that identifies new opportunities and solves problems. It is not constrained by the present and finds applicability in the future. It is vital for students to develop entrepreneurial thinking skills right from their schools.


Keeping this important aspect in mind ASSOCHAM the apex body of industry & commerce of India is organizing “Knowledge Management Virtual Meet on Entrepreneurship Development” on 10th April 2021 at 6 PM onwards.



·         To give a platform for Industry Academia Interface.

·         To discuss the challenges and opportunities.

·         To discuss the role of Private organizations/ Industries for the same.

·         To provide opportunity to the students to interact directly with industry leaders

·         To motivate students

·         To discuss the role of skill development organization


You will appreciate that an event of this magnitude will be difficult to manage without support of your organization. Your involvement and support would indeed make a great difference and we therefore humbly request you to give this initiative a big boost.


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