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An innovation refers to any new idea or thought which might possibly become a revelation if it proves fruitful and solves its purpose. Innovation means something new or novel. Necessity is the mother of invention and even innovation. When man feels the need or desire to have something with him that would lessen his stress or burden, he comes up with innovative ideas. 
The best thing about innovation is that it is completely unheard of until it comes into the picture. Innovations and new ideas only lead to the progress of a society.
The current century has witnessed more change than all the other centuries put together – change through innovations in many spheres-political, economic, social and technical. Innovation is search for new solutions that do more with less for more they should provide more value using less inputs.
Whether in telecommunications, in Chemical, in IT, or in Agriculture new India is emerging with a palette of more colors, stronger and more vibrant.
Innovative Corporations adapt to change, to develop and create new products, processes, and systems important to sustain business. While in non-corporate areas, Governments, NGOs and others innovations are made to overcome problems of poverty and illiteracy, agriculture, social development and indeed in the processes of governance itself.
After 2nd successful edition of Innovation Excellence Awards, ASSOCHAM is proud to present the 3rd edition of Innovation Excellence Awards, 2014 on Tuesday, June 10, 2014 at Hotel Shangri-La at New Delhi, in order to recognize Innovative Organizations in India, which have their innovative actions which impacted major changes.
We request nominations from your esteemed organization so as we may present your case to the jury of these awards. You may nominate your company in multiple categories; however separate nomination charges will be applicable.

Registration Fees: 

  • Application Fees: Rs 10,000 per nomination