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India Banking Sector has virtually changed the landscape in the last few decades with its extensive expansion and making available financial inclusion to millions of people. With their increasing social responsibilities, Banks continued concern to reach out for meeting credit needs of the disadvantaged, socially neglected, women population, small and micro business entities and the agriculture sector, the Banks have proved a major catalyst for economic empowerment. The government is fully committed to expand the reach of this sector for effective delivery of social subsidies, garner small savings, provide financial products by harnessing technology and create an environment of equity and empowerment.  
There are several challenges for the banks but that opens up vast opportunities yet to be exploited, heralding the next phase of development. Their Social Responsibility has all the more increased with delivery of benefits under several government schemes and initiatives for the social upliftment, reduction of transaction cost by use of green technologies and financial products innovation.
Keeping  Social Responsibility at the top of the agenda, ASSOCHAM has instituted ‘Social Banking Excellence Awards’ to recognize and award banks of their committed performance in providing services in the most testing geographies, adhering to green banking by adopting technologies to provide universal banking to the poor and deprived, adhering to strictest compliance and governance standards, creating value for the stakeholders and supporting the growth of industry-small scale  in particular so as to integrate the economy through competitiveness and innovation. The ultimate vision lies in better distribution of national prosperity for social empowerment.
The awards will be awarded on the basis of Social Initiatives of Banks. Although Financial Inclusion is a key component of social initiative, the award will take into account all other aspects of social banking; going beyond financial inclusion. Claims of performance by banks supported by documentary evidence will only be relied. Hence parameters are identified taking into account availability of support documents like regular MIS, Financial Statements and annual reports. The reporting period shall be from 1 April, 2013 to 31st March, 2014. Broad parameters shall be as under though not restricted to:
A.    Financial Inclusion:
(a)   Covering unbanked villages
(b)   Number of accounts opened in these villages
(c)    Amount of transactions registered in these villages
(d) Measurable Social Impact, if any, in these villages
(e)   Activity undertaken beyond mandated task, if any
B.     Agriculture Lending:
(a)   Number of farmers financed during the year
(b)   Number of Kissan Credit Cards
(c)    Amount of investment credit under agriculture during the year
(d) Volume of agricultural loans and percentage to Average Net Bank Credit
C.    Priority Sector Lending:
D.    CSR Activity for Social Upliftment
E.     Skill Building Initiatives including training, creating financial literacy and promoting awareness
F.      Technology intervention
Category “A”            Public Sector Banks (PSUs)
Category “B”            Foreign Banks (FBs)
Category “C”            Private Banks- New Banks (PSNBs)
Category “D”            Private Banks- Old Banks (PSOBs)
Category “E”             Scheduled Cooperative Banks
Number of Awards
One Top performance Award in each category      5 awards.
One Runners up Award in each   category           5 awards.

Total number of Awards                                       10 awards.
Methodology of the Evaluation process:
Step 1: Questionnaire/ Entries scrutiny by an independent Agency with understanding and experience of evaluating Social Banking parameters and Financial Statements of Banks .E & Y has been assigned as the Evaluation Partner.
Step 2: On the basis of evaluation, short listing of banks - four in each category.
Step 3: Discussions with the Top Management, HR/CSR Head/ Social Banking Head etc.
Step 4: Field Visits, if required, for further evaluation.
Step 5: Reporting of the shortlisted companies with full details / as per marks and evaluation
Step 6: Jury discussion on short listed companies in presence of Evaluation Partner, ASSOCHAM officials and regulatory check partner to participate. In case of further clarification/ information sought by Jury, be submitted.
Step 7: Final Jury meeting to decide awards.
ASSOCHAM 10th Annual Banking Summit cum Award Ceremony:
This will be followed by a Gala Event on Banking cum Award Ceremony- the dates will be announced at an appropriate time and in prominent dailies.
Submission of Questionnaires:
  1. The questionnaires can be filled out on the soft copy of the form below. Answers should be legible and attachments clearly indicated.
  2. The printed forms in hard copy should be sent to ASSOCHAM, along with all additional required documents. The entire set of information may also be submitted on a CD.
  3. Duly filled in applications/Questionnaires along with the applicable processing charges should be submitted to the following address latest by