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Gold is an integral part of Indian society and a foundation of wealth and savings in India. India accounts for nearly one-third of the total world demand for Gold. The share of Gold in total import bill of the country reached at 9.6 per cent in 2010-11. Gem & Jewellery sector accounted for 16.67% of India’s total Merchandise Exports with the volume of exports pegged at US$ 43 bn. as on March 2011, which is expected to reach US$ 45 bn. by 2015.
At more than 21,000 tonnes, Indian households hold the largest stock of gold in the world. The World Gold Council estimates the annual consumer demand for gold in India will be around 900-1000 tonnes in 2014. The country currently has one of the highest saving rates in the world, estimated at around 30% of total income, of which 10% already invested in gold. The Govt. of India has implemented hallmarking scheme to protect the consumer in purchasing gold jewellery of requisite purity, develop export competitiveness and make India a leading market for gold jewellery in the world. India can be “A Global Player in Gold Market”. However, for India to become a world trading superpower there is a need for greater involvement of trade and industry with the Government.
Therefore, in order to discuss these aspects further with the objective of spreading better understanding of the Gold Industry as an appropriate investment avenue for wealth creation and also to address major issues of Gold industry, ASSOCHAM is organizing 7th International Gold Summit at 9:30 a.m. on August 21, 2014 at Hotel Le Meridien, in New Delhi. There will be a large participation by the stakeholders including the Government, Reserve Bank of India, National and International Bullion Banks, Bullion Associations, Commodity Exchanges, Security Agencies and Investors to name a few.
In view of the importance of the subject, we would request you to kindly Participate in this important Summit and also nominate your colleagues to attend the same. We would also request your organization to be the PARTNER / SPONSOR of the Summit.


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