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India's petrochemical industry has been one of the fastest growing industries in the Indian economy. Several Indian companies including state owned energy companies are making major investments to boost their petrochemical activities and are expected to become significant players in the Petrochem sector. Capacity expansions by many other manufacturers are also moving ahead and gradually filling the gap between domestic demand and supply especially for the polymers/plastics.
On its part, Government of India has notified the Petroleum, Chemicals and Petrochemical Investment Regions (PCPIR) policy in 2007 to provide a major fillip to the refining, petrochemicals and chemical industries in the country. However, the Indian petrochemical industry faces a number of issues in terms of regulatory, market and technology related challenges.
For a balanced growth of Indian economy, National Manufacturing Council (NMCC) has envisaged the share of manufacturing to GDP to grow from current 15-16% to 25% by 2022. To realize this aim and for making “Make in India” campaign a success, it is imperative that the lions’ share has to come from Petrochemicals sector. With this background, ASSOCHAM is organizing Conference on “Shaping Growth of Indian Petrochemicals: Turning Make in India to Reality” to provide a crucial platform for networking, exchange of ideas, creating awareness of new products & technologies, and exploration of possibilities for enhancement of trade in the petrochemical space.
  • To highlight the manufacturing possibilities in the country's by boosting petrochemical industry
  • To increase the indigenous production capacity of olefins which shall boost the manufacturing sector
  • To focus on the new developments in technology & feedstock scenario in the petrochemical sector of India
  • To facilitate transfer of technology, investments, joint ventures, research and development in the petrochemicals space of India
  • To effectively deal with the issue of oversupply in the global petrochemicals market resulting in lower margins
Focus Areas

Petrochemicals and Plastics
-       Exploring the market dynamics of petroleum products and plastics
-       Boosting plastics manufacturing in the country
¨      PCPIRs
-       PCPIR Policy
-       Integration of Refinery and Petrochemicals
-       Infrastructure Development
¨      Boosting Polymers Production
-       Increasing the polymers/synthetic fibers/synthetic rubber production in the country
-       Creating domestic demand besides exports
-       Increasing per capita polymers consumption to global consumption
¨      Emerging Technologies
-       Emphasis on Research and Development Research and development (R&D) in the petrochemical industry
-       Process R&D & Product R&D in the industry
-       Development of new products