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India needs an efficient and sustainable transport infrastructure to sustain the pace of economic growth. Indian Railways is the backbone of India's transport infrastructure, along with the national highways and ports. It is rightly referred to as 'the lifeline of the Indian economy' as it facilitates industrial and economic development by transporting materials such as coal, iron ore, fertilisers and foodgrains.. With modernization and restoration of balance in the intermodal transport mix railways can be a significant engine of inclusive growth and development for the country and can potentially contribute an additional 1.5% to 2% of GDP. Raising resources through Public Private Partnership for network strengthening and modernization is critical for Indian Railways and requires continuous infusion of funds and technology for its infrastructure and modernization.

The vision document for Indian Railways proposes to invest USD 275 billion by year 2020 in capacity enhancement, asset modernization and rolling stock acquisition. The current strategy is to leverage private capital through PPPs to the maximum extent in areas which are amenable to PPPs to improve efficiencies and control costs. Private partnership will also bring in state-of-art technology in areas such as catering, wagon ownership and leasing and joint ventures for rail infrastructure projects.

It is high time that Indian Railways realigns its priorities and unleashes its huge talent & resource base towards adopting and deploying new technology solutions from around the globe as well as develop innovative solutions indigenously. However, there are various investment issues amid huge opportunities in Indian Railways.

Therefore, in order to discuss key issues and opportunities for investments in Railways, ASSOCHAM is organizing an International Conference on “RAILWAYS@2020 – Investment Issues and Opportunities” at 9.30 a.m. on March 11, 2015, at Hotel Le-Meridien, New Delhi. A large number of national and international stakeholders are expected to attend the conference.