5th National Conference on
Organic World: Advantage India

15 October, 2015, Shangri-La, New Delhi

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With increasing awareness about the safety and quality of foods, growing preference of consumers, long term sustainability of the system and accumulating evidences of being equally productive, the organic farming has been gaining grounds in India as profitable livelihood option for the farmers.

As a consequence in recent years, the demand for organic produce has been growing steadily. The availability of organic food products is also influenced by a steady increase in the number of retail and distribution stores with enlarged distribution networks in Tier I and II cities. According to 'India Organic Food Market Forecast & Opportunities 2019'; the organic food market revenues in India are expected to grow at a CAGR (Combined Annual Growth Rate) of around 25% during 2015-19.

India can take advantage of the growing opportunities in this sector but there are certain challenges to be met before India takes on to the world organic markets. To bring various stakeholders of organic products value chain on a single platform ASSOCHAM is organizing National Conference on “Organic World: Advantage India; Production-Certification-Marketing”. The conference will provide an opportunity to explore organic market in India and around the world.

Focus Areas

  • Elucidates the current market scenario, growth factors and production of the industry
  • Create awareness and bring clarity about the certification standards, procedures to obtain certification and ensuring compliance with global standards in organic sector
  • Creation of inter linkages for delivery of organic products to markets.
  • Emerging business models & strategies
  • Policy/Strategic interventions for increasing exports of organic products


  • Create awareness to upscale Indian organic market
  • Promote organic farming at state level to strengthen the competitiveness of small holders
  • Collaborate stakeholders to foster partnership between public and private sectors
  • Understand emerging trends in the industry like retail, online business opportunities, organic food stores, rising investments and other marketing techniques
  • Discussion on standards for organic market promotion
Special Features
  • Focused partner state sessions & state organic policy initiatives
  • Excellent forum for 
  • Business to business(B2B) Interaction 
  • Business to government (B2G) Interaction 
  • Branding 
  • Product promotion and display
  • Future agenda for organic development
  • Financial schemes for organic farming

Speakers Profile

  • Government officials
  • Corporates
  • NGOs
  • Academia
  • Agriculturalists
  • Research Institutes
  • Agriculture operatives
  • Progressive Farmers and Representative of Farmer Groups

Participants Profile

Government Agencies & Autonomous bodies, Central & State Government Departments and Officials, Boards & Corporations, Private Sectors, Consultancy Organizations & NGOs, Organic Food Agro & Beverage Industries, Certification Agencies, Organic Fertilizer / Growth Promoters, Health and Functional Food Industries, Organic Tea & Coffee Industries, Organic Textile Industries, Organic Spices Industry, Export Promotion Councils, Exporters & Importers, CEOs / Industrialists, Progressive Farmers and Representative of Farmer Groups, Storage, Handling & Transportation Agencies and other Organic Agriculture Related Sectors and Service Providers

Expected Outcome And Benefits From The Event

  • Excellent opportunity for networking and fruitiul collaborations with the industries 
  • Opportunity to atiract large investment across sections of the corporate world 
  • Exceptional platiorm to give presentation addressing large audience of 200 people including key stakeholders from other sectors 
  • Exposure to new innovations, institutional models, new technologies by the industries, government, private sectors, research organization, NGOs, community groups and individuals 
  • Recommendations emerged from the conference shall be submitied to the relevant stakeholders, states, central government officials, ministries for inclusion in future policies 
  • Proceedings and media coverage released post conference for publicity

Registration Fees: 

  • Registration Fee : Rs. 2,000/- per delegate