Technology - Investment - Safety
...A Gateway to Land of Opportunities

09 February - 10 February, 2016, Hotel Imperial, New Delhi

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Changing demographic profile coupled with increasing disposable income of middle class families is fuelling growth of Food processing sector in India. During past decades the sector has grown at a CAGR of 10 per cent and estimated to be at US$ 200 billion by 2018. Realizing potential for growth in this sector, Union and State Governments in India have enabled favorable policy environment for attracting investment to the Food Processing Sector. As a result there is splurge for investment into infrastructure, R&D, technology, food safety, manufacturing, logistics and skill development in food processing sector.
With this background we are happy to inform you that ASSOCHAM has announced 8th GLOBAL FOOD PROCESSING SUMMIT & AWARDS-2016:- Technology – Investment – Safety from 9th to 10th February - 2016 at Hotel Lalit, New Delhi. The Summit will mark the presence of national and international stakeholders, representatives from union and state governments, investors, policy makers, industry leaders, trade bodies & associations food technologists, food safety experts to share their knowledge in this area.
Summit Objectives
Broadly the summit will create a platform on business potentials, Showcasing latest technology and opportunities as well as facilitation for investments in Food processing Sector: through B2B & B2G meetings:
The key objectives of the summit are:
  • Bring together industry, academia, R&D institutions and policy agencies on a common platform.
  • To provide a platform for exploring business prospects /opportunities in food processing sector.
  • Disseminate awareness, Share and learn about best practices in technologies and innovations in the food processing sector
  • Addressing issues related to Food Safety & Standards Regulations
  • Strengthen global outreach capacities of the Indian Food Industry stakeholder
  • Enumerate policy recommendations for the state and central governments through a dialogue process
  • To identify and recognize companies involved in Food Sector from India who through their innovative actions have launched breakthrough changes and can become role models for others to emulate.
Focus Areas
This summit is focused towards unfolding several challenges, opportunities and way forward through deliberations encompassing:
  • Emerging trends in Processing & Packaging Industry.
  • Creating infrastructure for development of food processing industry.
  • B2B, B2G, B2C interaction.
  • Bring investment, PPPs & FDI
  • To Generate awareness on Innovation Fund and Venture Capital Fund for Food Processing to promote innovations and technology development
  • Changing paradigms of food retailing.
  • Food safety for public health & export promotion.
  • Realizing potential of MoFPI & other Govt schemes for Industry.
  • Strengthening Backward and Forward integrations.
Special Features Include
  • Focused Partner States Sessions & State Policy Initiatives in food processing sector.
  • Focused Partner Countries Sessions.
  • Exhibition opportunities to enhance business in Food processing Sector. It provides a platform for networking between the Indian Players catering to the entire value chain system.
Excellent Forum For
  • Business to business (B2B)
  • Business to government (B2G)
  • Branding and Product promotion and display
Participants Profile
  • Food Processing, Agro Food and Dairy Industry
  • Food Processing and Allied Industry
  • Research, Development & Academic Institution
  • Food Processing & Dairy Equipments Industries
  • Food Preservatives, Food Essence & Colors
  • Leaning/Milling/Gliding Machineries & Equipments
  • Storage, Handling & Transportation
  • Frozen food/Refrigeration & Cold Chain Solutions
  • Cold Storage and Supply Chain Management Companies
  • Packaging Companies & Agri Retail Companies
  • Public and Private Sector Banks as well as Other Financial Institutions
  • Food & Agri Exporters & Importers
  • Decision Makers in Corporate Strategy, Planning, Exports
  • Consultants and Service Providers
  • Central & State Government Departments, Corporations and Officials
  • Progressive Farmers & Entrepreneurs
  • Policy Makers and Other Stakeholders from Union and State Governments
  • Experts/Representatives from Multilateral, Bilateral and Other International Organizations
  • Representatives from NGOs and State Agricultural Universities

Registration Fees: 

  • National Delegates: INR 3,000/- ( 10% discount for Convoy Registration (at least 2) )
  • International Delegates: US$ 100