09 March, 2016, Hotel Chanakya, Patna, Bihar

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THE ASSOCIATED CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY OF INDIA (ASSOCHAM) has adopted a common framework for recognizing leadership. Rather than being identified with the economic status of a country, the leaders are those who have gone forward despite adversities, setting examples for others to follow. In the fast-paced times of the new decade, their style and efforts have transformed commercial practices and changed business landscapes. The Leadership Awards 2016 has been extended to Bihar attracting Indian renowned leaders across India.  
ASSOCHAM has crafted various, selected categories of awards for promising leaders who have been in the industry. The objective is to provide space for Next Gen leaders so as to bring awareness that leadership starts from Day One. ASSOCHAM is confident that the event would be able to showcase Young and upcoming Leaders with their skills being innovatively applied in the challenging era. The selection will be based on all the past achievements & performance in the Year 2014-15. 
The aim of the Leadership Awards is to recognise the best innovative projects, and in doing so they should have help translated best thoughts into concrete action and implementation on the ground. The awards encourage the organizations (regardless of their size) on social projects or programmes and increase the recognition of Leadership in their operations. This exciting and need based initiative focuses on successful partnerships between business and society, with particular emphasis on collaborative programmes/projects that tackle contemporary social issues through innovations and action oriented interventions. 
Thus, in view of your professional accomplishment and interest, we look forward to your Nomination for the Awards.