AWARDS 2015 - 16

01 April - 30 April, 2016

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ASSOCHAM, the representative organ of corporate India, articulates the genuine, legitimate needs and interests of Corporates. One of its missions is to impact the policy and legislative environment so as to foster balanced economic, industrial and social development. Without Good Corporate Governance, the balanced economic, industrial and social development cannot be imagined.
To acknowledge the companies adhering to good governance techniques, ASSOCHAM is organizing 2nd CORPORATE GOVERNANCE EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2015-16.
A high level specially constituted jury would examine the duly filled-in questionnaire on corporate governance received from applicant companies to bestow the ASSOCHAM’s prestigious award of this category.
(Questionnaire is based on the information till 31st December 2015)
The scrutiny of the companies will be undertaken by Assessment Partner, Corporate Professionals. Due Diligence & Regulatory check will also be done by the Independent Agency separately.
The application duly signed with all the supporting documents in soft copy as well as hard copy should be submitted by Saturday, the 30th April, 2016.