Effective Corporate Governance & CSR Challenges
in association with Department of Public Enterprises, Government of India

17 May, 2016, Kolkata

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Corporate Boards are increasingly being made accountable for company performance and stakeholders have demanded greater transparency and engagement with directors. Corporate governance practices in India have changed over the recent years.
Also , INDIA is the first nation to enact CSR mandate; CSR has come a long way from acts of charity to Strategic CSR that is now inclusive of awareness and concerns for greater social causes. As CSR continues to mature, year after year brings new and unique voices to the table, vibrant innovations and more widespread, integrated adoption among large and not so large corporations
Considering the immense relevance of Corporate Governance & CSR to corporate , ASSOCHAM is organizing an interactive workshop on Effective Corporate Governance & CSR Challenges. Focus of discussion will be on:
  • Issues and Challenges in Corporate Governance
  • Ethical Practices, Compliances
  • Global Trends in Corporate Governance, Learning from best practices
  • CSR - the issues from identification to implementations and measuring impact

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  • Fee Rs 5,000/- per person plus service tax:

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