22 February, 2017, New Delhi

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The food processing industry in India is a sunrise sector that has gained prominence in recent years. Availability of raw materials, changing lifestyles and relaxation in policies has given a considerable push to the industry’s growth. This sector is among the few that serves as a vital link between the agriculture and industrial segments of the economy. Strengthening this link is of critical importance to improve the value of agricultural produce; ensure remunerative prices to farmers and at the same time create favorable demand for Indian agricultural products in the world market. A thrust to the food processing sector implies significant development of the agriculture sector and ensures value addition to it.

The Indian food processing industry holds tremendous potential to grow, considering the still nascent levels of processing at present. Though India’s agricultural production base is reasonably strong, wastage of agricultural produce is sizeable. Processing of fruits and vegetables, milk, meat and poultry is low, in  comparison, to the other developing countries. India, has an arable land of 184 mn hectares, is the highest producer of milk in the world at 90 mn tonnes p.a., second largest producer of fruits & vegetables (150 mn tonnes), third largest producer of foodgrains and fish and has the largest livestock population. Considering the wide-ranging and large raw material base that the country offers, along with a consumer base of over one billion people, the industry holds tremendous opportunities for large investments. Central Government and all the State Governments are focusing on attracting investments in food processing sector through development of food parks, foreign direct investment and other policy measures and trying to generate large employment opportunities and bettering the life of their farmers.

With the strong grasp of Food Processing sector, ASSOCHAM has been time and again organizing various meetings and summits, in order to facilitate the very necessary interactions between the Government and the industry. To invite industry investments in different states, to showcase the infrastructure facilities available to them, to encourage B2B interactions, ASSOCHAM proposes to organize 10th International Food Summit – Food Retail, Investment and Infrastructure, in New Delhi, on 22nd February, 2017, wherein minds of industry experts, policy makers and academicians from India and around the world will brainstorm to make INDIA the food bowl of the world and push for MAKE IN INDIA initiative of the Government of India.


The Summit will focus on processed food and agribusiness with a view to increase business opportunities and investments by meeting the following objectives:

  • To provide enabling platform for networking to strengthen Food Processing Sector
  • To understand demand side trends in future food market
  • To abreast the business world in general and delegates in particular about emerging opportunities for investment in food processing sector in India
  • Share and learn best practices in product and process innovations
  • Enumerate policies of the state and central governments to the delegates
  • To highlight the infrastructural push by the Government agencies.


  • Development of Food Parks –

The summit will focus on fully integrated food parks, which the Government of India is promoting to attract major investments in the food processing sector.

  • Ease of doing business –

Summit will highlight the degree of ease with which the potential business houses can set up and operate their businesses.

  • FDI in food products multi-brand retail –

There will be focus on the FDI policy of the Government, its positive impacts, and opening of doors for foreign companies to come and set up businesses in India.

  • Leveraging public-private partnership – 

Focus of the summit will also be on how government and private sector can come together for the greater benefit of the food processing sector, wherein government can play a role of a facilitator.

  • Promotion of Organized supply chain –

Supply chain infrastructure is vital for the success of the food processing sector, and brainstorming on the anomalies, will help improve upon the existing set up.

  • Skill Development programs –

No sector can rise without skilled manpower, as they are the real engines required at every stage from farm to fork. To be a success story, making of competent manpower needs focused discussion

  • Increase awareness of quality and safety –

Quality standards followed word over, needs to be followed, so that India can become quality conscious producer and exporter.

  • Latest Innovations –

All the latest innovations happening in food processing sector will be focused, so that the industry can bring in latest technologies and processes to cater their clients.


To discuss the policy, technology, business and trade for sustained growth and opportunities in these sectors

  • Government Sector / State Enterprise
  • Foreign Missions
  • Partner Countries
  • Diplomats
  • Policy makers, Scientists & Academicians
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Seafood Manufacturer
  • Frozen Food Manufacturer
  • Food product/ Semi-finished Products Manufacturer
  • Confectionery Manufacturer
  • Agro Industry
  • Beverage/ Soft Drink/ Brewing Industry
  • Dairy Manufacturer
  • Catering
  • Food Service Equipment Dealer/ Distributor
  • Other Related Business

Registration Fees: 

  • Award Nomination fees: Rs.10,000/-  
  • Delegate Fees: Rs. 3000/- per delegate