Conference on
Integrated Water Resource Management for Enhancing Farmers` Income

22 March, 2017, Hotel Park, New Delhi

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Background / Rationale

Water, a life sustaining resource, closely linked to the quality of life, a renewable resource, is getting deteriorated in terms of quality as well as quantity. Adequate, timely and assured availability of water is critical to agriculture, to ensure food and nutritional security and livelihood of growing population. In general, water management assumes paramount importance to reduce the wastage of water to increase the water use efficiency and ensure equitable distribution. Although India has the largest irrigation system in the world, its water use efficiency has not been more than 40 %. If it continues, water crisis would lead to reduced production and productivity, which would affect the quality of life of the people.  This calls for productive use of water, more crop per drop. This would need efficiency at all the levels, storage, distribution and application.

Sustainable management of water in agriculture is critical to increase agricultural production, ensure that water can be shared with other users and maintain the environmental and social benefits of water systems. In this context there is a need to improve the economic efficiency and environmental effectiveness of policies that seek to improve water resource use efficiency and reduce water pollution. Therefore, there is a need to establish a long-term plan for the sustainable management of water resources in agriculture taking into account climate change and climate variability impacts, including the increased need for protection from flood and drought risks and alteration in the seasonality and timing of precipitation. To address this subject matter of national importance as well as, the occasion of World Water Day, ASSOCHAM proposes to hold a conference on Integrated Water Resource Management for Enhancing Farmers' Income on March 22, 2017, Hotel Park, New Delhi.


  • Creating platform to discuss challenges of integrated water resource management and enabling solutions  by discussing policy environment
  • Creating awareness among farmers about the value and scarcity of resources and negative fallouts of improper use
  • Sharing technologies and services towards increasing water use efficiency in agriculture
  • Developing adaptation strategies for agricultural water management

Focus Areas

  • Integrated water resource management efficient input systems
  • Water efficient crop management and water productivity
  • Micro Irrigation including drip Irrigation and fertigation

Participants Profile

  • Water resource managers
  • Agriculture Scientists and Government officers
  • Tractor and Agricultural implements companies
  • Public and private sector banks as well as other financial institutions
  • Agriculture research and extension organizations
  • Consultants & services provider
  • Progressive farmers & Representative of farmers groups
  • Policy makers and other stake holders from union and state governments
  • Irrigation and Water Technologies Companies