Women`s Health Confluence
Prevention and Cure of Cancers &
Thyroid Disorders

25 May, 2017, Hotel Vivanta by Taj Ambassador

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Women are pivotal contributors to society in their roles as mothers, individuals, family members, and as citizens. When a woman’‘s health is poor, her contribution to society is decreased. A woman’‘s health is critical to the well-being of her family and to the economy of her community and her country. Investing in the health of women is not only the right thing to do; it also builds stable, peaceful and productive societies. It reduces poverty, &stimulates economic growth. is one of the major morbidity causes for women. Two of the most common cancers affecting women are breast and cervical cancers. Detecting both these cancers early is important in keeping women alive and healthy. Besides, incidences of ovarian cancer among women of reproductive and growing age are also increasing in India. A vast majority of Indian women perish due to lack of financial resources & late detection of these 3 cancers. Prevention of these Cancers involves multi pronged approaches like regular screening/ diagnosis, healthy &balanced diet including nutritional products, etc. is another area affecting women’‘s health. Common manifestations of thyroid disease in women include hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and thyroid cancer. Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are 10 times more common in women than in men. Unfortunately, awareness about the disease and its diagnosis remains shockingly low and there is a pressing need to reach out and make women aware of the causes, symptoms, treatment and importance of testing for thyroid problems. Hence, it is important to have healthy business practices and nourishing partnerships to bring out fruitful ventures with a human touch in order to effectively deal with these issues. This Confluence aims to bring out our endeavors for products and initiatives which have been effective for woman health care whether related to pharmaceuticals .Nutraceuticals or may range from array of products in diagnostics
  1. Creating Awareness on Prevention of Cancers like Breast, Cervical, and Ovarian Cancers'
  2. Creating Awareness on Thyroid disorders affecting women’‘s wellbeing
  3. To build a Public-Private model for a Sustainable and Profitable Model in Women Health
  4. To create awareness on Consumer health goods and services offering state-of-art products on healthcare for woman health
  5. Bringing the whole value chain together on a single platform to discuss the key bottlenecks interms of improving the healthcare delivery for women wellness
  6. Showcase case studies of various strategies adopted and demonstrate innovative products from public and private sector to curb diseases in women
  7. Fosters partnerships and collaborations between the Society and industry in support of ASSOCHAM’‘s mission to eradicate women’‘s cancers.

Registration Fees: 

  • Delegate Registration : Rs. 2,000/- per delegate (including Service Tax)