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The shift in healthcare from treatment to prevention is encouraging clinicians and patients to think differently about health and disease, and creating momentum for Nutraceuticals, with opportunities for Pharma and food companies to get involved in the disease/care pathway. The Pharma companies have an edge over FMCG with respect to science, innovation and technology, while the FMCG companies have an edge over pharmaceutical companies in terms of distribution (retail), and consumer preference of formats (food). By complementing each other`s strengths (and weaknesses), a merger of the Nutraceuticals portfolios of a big food company and a big pharmaceutical company might make sense, but there hasn`t been a significant one yet. Instead, there has been a blurring of the line demarcating the two industries and an active market for corporate transactions involving relatively small acquisitions and sell-offs.

The Indian Nutraceutical industry is expected to grow at 20% to US$ 6.10 billion by 2019-20 due to rising awareness about health, fitness and changing lifestyle. These numbers do speak of a market that holds a high preference and demand among consumers, something which is still showing signs of cumulative increment.

The need of the hour is product innovation by both Pharmaceutical as well as Food industry. Convergence of food industry with pharmaceutical companies in order to manufacture & distribute Nutraceuticals is an emerging area wherein both industries can leverage on each others` strengths of product innovation and distribution respectively.  


  • Bring stakeholders on a common platform to network and discuss the development and expansion of the Nutraceuticals market in India.
  • Drawing attention of various corporate heads to take up responsibility to support and collaborate on expanding the Nutraceuticals market in India and their exports.
  • To bring together the major players in the industry to the problems faced and to discuss probable solutions.
  • To synchronize India`s manufacturing standards with the one`s adopted globally, so as to help the Indian manufactured Nutraceuticals gain a steady stand in the international market.
  • Opportunity for networking and fruitful collaborations between Government and Private Sector to address various critical aspects of the Indian Nutraceuticals Industry.
  • Showcase new innovations, and technologies by the industry, Government, private sectors, research organization, community groups, individuals etc. to make the fraternity more aware of the Nutraceuticals products available.
  • Efficient government policy, smart business investment, and informed citizenry, all motivated by an understanding of mutual self-interest in pursuit of the common goal of achieving better health standards.

Registration Fees: 

  • Delegate Registration : Rs. 2,000/- per delegate (including Service Tax)