National Conference on Bond Market “Meeting Investor needs through Fixed Income Markets”.

24 May, 2017, Hotel Taj Deccan, Synergy Hall, Hyderabad

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A well-functioning and deep corporate bond market is indispensable for India’s economic growth and progress. This market would have to meet the large funding requirements of Indian infrastructure and businesses, given the prevailing constraints faced by the banking sector, to provide the needed funding. The corporate bond market by virtue of its structure and functioning mechanism would help channel scarce funds towards productive investment.

The recent policy measures for the development of the corporate bond markets by the RBI, SEBI and Finance Ministry reiterate the focus and importance this segment of the financial market holds for the country. Although these measures provide for the much needed impetus and are a move in the right direction, the deepening and development of these markets would need sustained concerted efforts by the entire institutions framework to address and iron out the prevailing issues and challenges pertaining to these markets.

In this connection, At the request of SEBI and other financial Institutions, ASSOCHAM with association of SEBI is organizing series of conference in main corporate hubs at Kolkata, New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai , Hyderabad & Ahmadabad  with an objective to discuss various nuances of bond markets and promote suggestive recommendations that can be taken to strengthening long term sustainable growth of the bond market in India.

ASSOCHAM have planned to increase the outreach and awareness on the subject of the corporate bond market development in India. There is a strong belief that development of this market will be influenced by several factors which are driven by multiple entities, which will make the market.

These constituents will bring their expertise and their perspectives to the market.  It is important to recognize this expertise and evaluate how the market will grow to become a large provider of funds to the economy.

We are pleased to inform that, ASSOCHAM is preparing E Book on Corporate Bond Market with support of APAS (Ashvin Parekh Advisory Services)

The deliberations at the Conference will serve as a game-changer and help authorities in addressing the apprehensions and issues raised by different stakeholders
We seek your august presence as speaker and extend support to the conferences.
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Your participation would add immense value to the content of the conference.
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