ASSOCHAM Manufacturing Conference cum Awards
“Transform and Perform”

22 August, 2017, Delhi

About Event


To bring the stakeholders on a common platform and suggest a road-map for framing an inclusive manufacturing strategy encompassing heavy, micro, small, medium and large enterprises and startups in the manufacturing sector to achieve broad based and sustainable growth in manufacturing and increase the share of manufacturing sector in India’s GDP from around 17 % at present to 25 % by 2025.

Re-igniting Manufacturing: Providing An Empowering & Enabling Ecosystem

Role of Government as a facilitator in sustainable manufacturing
·         Policy interventions at Centre and State levels to promote manufacturing
·         Aligning priority programmes with Manufacturing: Ease of Doing Business, IPR policy etc.
·         Trade and fiscal support required for high capital intensive industry
·         Support for MSMEs to build robust manufacturing
Skill Manufacturing:  Bridging Talent Gap, Building Tomorrow’s Team through HRM

Vocational training: systemically introduced at state curriculum at high school, senior secondary and graduate level
·         Vocation education: perceptive barrier between white and blue collared workers
·         Diverse Skilling and reskilling HR
·         Decoding the Mind of the Modern Job Seeker
·         HR's Unique Position within the Human Capital Management Landscape

Factories for the Future: Achieving Sustainable Manufacturing Excellence

Realizing smart factories for heavy industries
·         Power and Energy saving in factories-green and cost effective solutions
·         Achieving Sustainable Steel Manufacturing
·         Defence Production
·         Automation and Robotics

MSME: Foundation for large scale manufacturing

Building foundation for MSME sector and its exports
·         MSME Quality improvement, Operational excellence and Productivity enhancement
·         Textile MSME Productivity and Quality
·         Empowering MSMEs through credit flow
·         Role of Technology in building next generation of MSMEs
State’s/UTs Excellence and Emergence Manufacturing Award Ceremony

Awards will be conferred under different categories as follows:
  1. Best State in Manufacturing in North-East Region
  2. Best State in Manufacturing in Himalayan Region
  3. Best State showing Manufacturing Excellence
  4. Best State showing huge Manufacturing Emergence
  5. Best Union Territory showing Manufacturing Excellence