5th International Conference
“Competition Law & Tech Sector”
- Issues relating to anti-competitive agreements in Tech Sector –

19 January, 2018, Bangalore, India

About Event

In the age of information and rapid communication needs, the technological innovation is one of the key drivers to overall economic development. Rapid innovation has offered advanced technological products and services which has facilitated in the creation of new markets. In the past decade, the technological revolution has catapulted the opportunities in the Information and Communication Technology industry High-Tech Markets. HighTech Markets are often borderless, virtual and characterized by strong network effects. However, these markets present unique challenges relating to market regulation. In view of the evolution of and key developments in the Competition Law over the past few years in India, ASSOCHAM is contemplating to organise, the
5th International Conference on “Competition Law & Tech Sector” on Friday, 19th January, 2018 at Bangalore.


Key Discussion Areas
Ø  Panel 1 - Dominance in the tech sector : how to curb abusive conduct without distorting innovation
Ø  Panel 2 - Trade associations & cartel regulation : lessons for in-house compliance counsel
Ø  Panel 3 - Vertical restraints : exclusivity, bundling and resale price maintenance; when do legitimate business practices become anti-competitive?
Ø  Panel 4 - Artificial Intelligence, algorithms and robot cartels : questions for cartel enforcement in the 21st century ?