Conference on
Financial Literacy for Women
Awareness, Challenges and Opportunities

22 March, 2018, Hotel Royal Plaza, New Delhi

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Financial Literacy means the ability to understand how money works in the world and take an informed as well as judicious decision with regards to all the financial activities. For a country like India, this plays a bigger role as it is considered an important adjunct to promotion of financial inclusion and ultimately financial stability. India is home to 17.5% of the world’s population and as per recent survey nearly 76% of its adult population does not understand even the basic financial concepts. Going by the gender gap, the survey further suggested that 73% Indian men are not financially literate while 80% Indian women are not financially literate. What is more noteworthy is that more than half the population in the Country is constituted by women. The participation of women in the economy would therefore not only enhance their own economic well being but would also contribute towards raising further the economic potential of country.


Financial literacy among women becomes an important part of the process of sustainable development, regardless of the income constituency to which they belong. There needs to be a better understanding of their financial rights and responsibilities, and their opportunities for income generation and the associated risks and costs involved. This is particularly important for India, where rapid economic and financial transformation is occurring. Financial literacy among women is thus a vital part of this process, not only to promote greater engagement of women in the current economic environment, but also to prepare them for the future.
Need of awareness to Financial Literacy for Women

Empowerment means giving someone the ability to “control their life and claim their rights”. Financial independence is not only a source of confidence but also gives women the credibility to participate in important matters of decision making, for themselves and their families for a safe and secure future. This is relevant to both, women from low income communities, as well as women from affluent families, where making women financially independent is not considered a priority.
Financial literacy for women is the key, as women aren’t technologically savvy but awareness for all of us will play a big role in addressing the gap. A combination of awareness, knowledge, skill, attitude and behavior is necessary to make sound financial decisions and ultimately achieve individual financial well being. We all know the famous adage “if we empower a woman, the whole village is empowered”. When more women have more financial education, it will literally lead to a more successful future for all people of India.
It will help enhance understanding on need for saving, investment options, ways to borrow from financial institutions i.e., banks, availability of insurance policies, methods of cashless transactions, etcand make informed decisions.
Several initiatives like Credit Counseling Centers, Pradhan Mantri Jan-DhanYojana, and Establishment of National Centre for Financial Education have been taken up by government for spreading financial education across the country.

In this context, with objective of empowering women through financial literacy, ASSOCHAM is organizing a conference on “Financial Literacy for women- Need, Challenges and Opportunities for Financial Inclusion” on March 2018 at Hotel Royal Plaza in New Delhi.

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Ms. Teena Sharma:
9971949719, 011-46550512
Ms. Arushi Saxena: 09811913384, 011-46550553

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