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India is known to have a long heritage of cosmetics, personal care and beauty products. The segment which primarily consists of Cosmetics including Cosmeceuticals, Salons & Spas, Skin & Hair Treatment Clinics/Centres has had consistent growth over the last decade, with increasing shelf space in boutiques, retail stores and emergence of beauty treatment chains across the country. Many multinational brands have entered the Indian market, primarily aided by dedicated support structure and the respective pricing strategies.
Going green has become the new anthem in the fashion and lifestyle categories and it's not just designers who are promoting it in a big way through their collections, but cosmetic brands are also going eco-friendly with their range. Experts feel that "evolved high-end consumers" are helping in expanding the "natural" space in the Indian beauty industry. Apart from the 'back to nature' trend, there is also a 'total well-being' trend sweeping the world. People are more aware about herbal healing and the harmful effects of chemicals. Indian manufacturers export a wide range of quality herbal & natural cosmetics globally, which have gained worldwide acceptance.
To felicitate the organizations and the individuals in the field of Cosmetics, Wellness & Personal Care; ASSOCHAM is organizing  Beauty, Wellness and Personal Care Awards Nite on 12th October 2018 at ASSOCHAM House, New Delhi
Sponsorship opportunities and Award Nominations are invited.