National Conference-cum-Exhibition & Awards
Innovative Water Solutions

28 June, 2019, Hotel Le-Meridien, New Delhi

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Water is a critical natural resource and scarcity of water is going to be the single biggest problem worldwide. In much of the world, existing water supplies are insufficient to meet all of the urban, industrial, agricultural, and environmental demands. Water resources scenario of the country is changing fast adversely both in terms of availability as well as quality. The looming climate change further aggravates the problem and is going to alter the paradigm of management of water resources. Increasing population, industrialization, urbanization, pollution, and deforestation further add fuel to the fire. Addressing Water Scarcity is possible by striking a balance between Water Usage, Water Use Efficiency and Water Recovery.
To address these challenges and issues with an integrated and holistic perspective, ASSOCHAM is organizing its mega Water Event: “National Conference-Cum-Exhibition & Awards: Innovative Water Solutions” on June 28, 2019 at Hotel Le-Meridien, New Delhi.
The objective of the conference is to create knowledge sharing and networking platform for R&D, demonstration and development of solutions in the context of Water Conservation, Water Treatment and Water Use Efficiency. The focus is on workable business models, Investment, research and development and bridging the gap between government and industry to design and innovate generic solutions for optimal water management for wider adoption.
Event Highlights
Ø  Presence of Leading Water Industry Representatives, Researchers & Policy Makers
Ø  Showcase of Technology, Launch of Products & Services
Ø  Investment & Business Opportunities
Ø  Networking with Business Associates
Ø  Presentations, Discussions & Idea Sharing to Promote Business
Ø  Panel Discussions & Presentations by eminent speakers
Ø  Water Management Excellence Awards 2019
Ø  Exhibition & Stalls
Ø  Interaction with Water Industry Representatives,  Government Officials,  Policy  Makers on a single platform
Ø  More than 150 participants, dignitaries from the Industry, Government, Corporates
Awards in Water Management Best Technologies, Innovations & Initiatives
Nominations Invited
(Closing date – June 16, 2019)
The Water Management Excellence Awards will acknowledge excellence in Water Sector in the in a total of 34 categories. The criteria of Awards are innovativeness, applicability, relevance, impact, contribution, benefits and potential in the respective areas of excellence!
For details please contact:

Purnima Dhingra
Head – Environment & Climate Change
T: +91 11 4655 0514
M: +91 98734 83757