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PULSE Digital Health Summit & Awards that will take place on Wednesday, 18 December 2019 from 10:00am to 04:00pm at Hotel Le- Méridien, Janpath Road, New Delhi highlighting the theme “The Digitization of India Healthcare”. The purpose of this summit is to discuss on how the digital technology can bridge the gap among various components of health infrastructure to provide affordable, equitable and accessible services to patients, how digital health is revolutionizing treatment possibilities for patients, from remote consultations to digital treatments, medical robotics to wellness apps by using innovative technologies and how technology will help healthcare organizations in providing last-mile connectivity in environments filled with conflicting signals, control role-based application access, ensure security of patient data, etc. 
About 75 percent of India’s population living outside a city has access to only 31.5 percent hospitals and 16 percent hospital beds. That practically means that large rural territories with millions of people are without access to proper care, and people have to wait long hours to be able to get to the doctor. Among the main challenges faced by patients in India are accessibility, affordability and quality healthcare services. The need of the hour is to explore how we can address these issues most efficiently using innovative and disruptive digital health solutions.
While massive technological development has taken place in India starting from the 1990s, the truly transformative change only came with the realization of the current central leadership about the significance of digitalization and innovation. As a reason of which, drive in technology started to conquer every area of life and made it also possible to start the digital health revolution. To help India move decisively along the path to digitize healthcare, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has released the National Digital Health Blueprint with an aim to create the technology eco-system based on open standards for ensuring availability and access of better healthcare services to everyone at their doorstep. But privacy and confidentiality concerns, a lack of motivation, low health literacy, health and disease-related disabilities, and even administrative burdens are holding back this digital transformation.
With this background, join us this winter to meet, mingle and network with the industry elite as well as key policymakers who are all pushing the boundaries of consumer health and will make you dive deeper to understand the challenges, successes and opportunities to be taken in this digital era...
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Payal Swami
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