ASSOCHAM’s 4th National Summit & Awards on “FMCG”
Food Retail | Branding | Rural Market

19 March, 2020 , New Delhi

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Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) are the 4th largest sector in the Indian economy. There are three main segments in the sector – food and beverages which accounts for 19 per cent of the sector, healthcare which accounts for 31 per cent and household and personal care which accounts for the remaining 50 per cent.

The FMCG sector has grown from US$ 31.6 billion in 2011 to US$ 52.75 billion in 2017-18. The sector is further expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 27.86 per cent to reach US$ 103.7 billion by 2020. The sector was projected to grow 11-12 per cent in 2019. Post GST and demonetization, modern trade share grew to 10 per cent of the overall FMCG revenue, as of August 2018.

FMCG Companies are looking to invest in energy efficient plants to benefit the society and lower costs in the long term. Investment intentions, related to FMCG sector, arising from paper pulp, sugar, fermentation, food processing, vegetable oils and vanaspathi, soaps, cosmetics and toiletries industries, worth Rs 916.13 billion (US$ 15.55 billion) were implemented between January– December 2018.

Growing awareness, easier access, and changing lifestyles are the key growth drivers for the consumer market. The focus on Food Processing, Agriculture, MSMEs, Education, Healthcare, and Infrastructure under the Union Budget 2019-20 directly impacted the FMCG sector. These initiatives are expected to increase the disposable income in the hands of the common people, especially in the rural area, which will be beneficial for the sector.

Keeping the above mentioned points in mind, ASSOCHAM is organizing 4th National Summit and Awards on “FMCG” – Food Retail, E-Commerce & Rural Market on March 19, 2020 in New Delhi. This conference will be organized to collectively brainstorm the new market opportunities in FMCG sector, to discuss the marketing challenges faced by the food processing industry in promoting their products and to understand the consumer behavior to cater to their needs in a more efficient manner.

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