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The beauty, wellness & personal care market is thriving and one of the fastest growing consumer markets, driven in particular by the Cosmetics and Skin Care segments. The main reason for this strong growth is the generational shift with young consumers entering the market. At the same time, this change is reinforced by social media, internationality, and eCommerce, which have a lasting effect on buying behavior when it comes to beauty products. Trends from all over the world are spreading and changing the daily beauty and care routine. Indian beauty and wellness market is estimated to be $ 14 billion in 2019 and is anticipated to grow significantly at CAGR of 18%.
Another prominent feature is that herbal beauty care has driven the growth of the beauty business in India. Going green has become the new anthem in the fashion and lifestyle categories and it's not just designers who are promoting it in a big way through their collections, but cosmetic brands are also going ecofriendly with their range. Experts feel that "evolved highend consumers" are helping in expanding the "natural" space in the Indian beauty industry. Apart from the 'back to nature' trend, there is also a 'total wellbeing' trend sweeping the world. People are more aware about herbal healing and the harmful effects of chemicals. Indian manufacturers export a wide range of quality herbal & natural cosmetics globally, which have gained worldwide acceptance.
ASSOCHAM’s Beauty, Wellness & Personal Care Awards has been a platform that puts a spotlight on the heroes of the sectors who have risen and met the unique beauty and wellness needs of multicultural Indians. This Award Show identifies shortlist and brings to the forefront individuals, organizations and brands that have created excellence in the domain of cosmetics, wellness & personal care.
Under the ages of India International Beauty Fair 2020 jointly organized by ASSOHAM and Brandsun Promotion, we are happy to announce our Mega Flagship 3rd Edition of Beauty, Wellness & Personal Care Awards on 28th February 2020 in Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon (Mumbai). These Awards will not only be an expression of gratitude but will also help spread the knowledge that comes from the successful entrepreneurs and brands, best practice which will become the benchmark for many more professionals to follow.
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