National meet on Cyber Hygiene

22 April, 2020, Bengal Club, Kolkata

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Cyber hygiene relates to the practices and precautions users take with the aim of keeping sensitive data organized, safe, and secure from theft and outside attacks. In turn, this aids in maintaining properly functioning devices by protecting them from outside attacks, such as malware, which can hinder functionality.
Having a routine cyber hygiene procedure in place for computers and software is beneficial for two distinct reasons – maintenance and security. Maintenance is necessary for computers and software to run at peak efficiency. Routines that include maintenance are likely to spot many of these issues early and prevent serious issues from occurring. A system that is well-maintained is less likely to be vulnerable to cyber security risks. Security is perhaps the most important reason to incorporate a cyber hygiene routine. Hackers, identity thieves, advanced viruses, and intelligent malware are all part of the hostile threat landscape. While predicting threats can be challenging, preparing and preventing them becomes feasible with sound cyber hygiene practices.
Considering the rising influence of technology on all sectors of businesses manufacturing or services and considering the significance of Cyber Hygiene ASSOCHAM is organizing a conference at Bengal Club, 1/1, Russell Street, Kolkata 700 071 on 22nd of April, 2020. The program shall witness presence of all key stakeholders, decision makers, influencers for building a strong eco system of support.
·         Cyber Hygiene Issues and handling the vulnerabilities, Cyber hygiene Standards.
·         Corporate and Government role to educate their user base on best practices for digital engagement and cyber hygiene
·         Identifying & Prioritizing key organizational services, products and their supporting assets & response to the risk
·         Understanding the needs of hardening devises, systems and applications for enhanced security
·         The basic of hygiene such as Backup, as a good backup policy is a good backup strategy for data security and Effective training, as people are the weakest link in cyber security and hence how training can be developed for controls
·         The new set of solutions from security patches to using new technologies such as AI for benefiting the corporate
Considering the significance of the program, we are honoured and pleased to invite you to be part of National Meet on Cyber Hygiene on 22nd April, 2020 at 10.00 am at Bengal Club, Kolkata.  We look forward to receive you and your team. 
For sponsorships/partnership/delegate registration you may  contact: Mr. Kallol Ghosh, 7003581862 / 8479984112,