Web Series on Nutrition ,Wellness and Digitization in Health Care Industry
“In Digitalised World: How Health And Wellness Can Benefit”

23 July, 2020 ,

About Event


Covid 19 outbreak has brought the entire world on its knees. The pandemic has struck global economies, social fabric, and individual moral and overall sense of well- being. People around the world are struggling to come to terms with this enormous disruption and looking for support to help them deal with this never before kind of crisis.

Our passport to normalcy in the foreseeable future, immunity is also the body's first and last line of defense. With transmissible diseases rise in this century, experts are underlining the need to strengthen one's adaptive or acquired immunity. The series will also focus on breaking down the types of immunity and understand their role in the body.

ASSOCHAM proposes to organise a web series comprising of various interesting different sessions which will be of eminent interest to the Panelists and participants.

The topics are appended below

1Contribution of Digital Platforms in Managing Lifestyle disease
2.How Technology plays a vital role in Nutrition tracking & meal recommendation?

3.Is there a way Health Professional can track their client’s nutrition real time?
4.Regulatory Aspects related to Nutraceutical supplements

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