“Towards Shaping the Future of Cyber Security and Digital trust”

18 September, 2020 ,

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Digital transformation has become the priority agenda for most governments and this vision cannot be achieved without a fully-developed cyber security infrastructure in place. India is an exciting region where great strides are being made in digital transformation. While this new era of hyper connectivity has opened up greater avenues for growth and development, it provides more opportunities for threats to get through and risks for businesses, individuals and complexities and new volumes in cyber attacks. Along with this, attackers are getting increasingly sophisticated and are employing cutting-edge techniques to breach organizations.
The year 2019 saw an unprecedented wave of cyber-attacks. This year is likely to present new challenges arising out of the COVID- 19 crisis, where new technologies scale and come online, exacerbating cyber risk and affecting every business, government and individual. With these many evolving challenges, 2020 represents to be more collaborative, being inclusive, and rethink to be digitally ready to embrace new technologies Work-life balance with all possible technical innovations and digital trust is going to cement higher growth for the business and social
. It's time to focus on data privacy, build responsible AI that is ethical and inclusive, and create digital safety and security to make a more resilient and more trusted digital world
ASSOCHAM is glad to announce its 14th International Cyber Security Virtual Conclave: CySecCon 2020 scheduled for 18th September 2020. ASSOCHAM will present top level discussion around cyber security and the impact they are having on industries including government, energy, financial services, healthcare and more. The platform will enable the security community, business leaders, Technocrats, and stake holders from Government and InfoSec to come together and present the latest approaches, technologies and strategies that drive progress in the industry.
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