Proxy Advisors and Changing Regulatory Landscape
-Global Trends, Disruption and Way Forward-

05 March, 2021

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The emergence of proxy advisors as intermediary is one of the most impactful development for corporate and regulatory environment around the world which has also undergone drastic changes in the recent years.  As a result of which, the professional firms in proxy advisory services have gained shareholders faith and trust in inferring reasonably better researched based informed voting decisions. They have also protected the institutional investors from litigations unlike in the past. As an extension to their roles, proxy advisors have brought out a high impact of their recommendations on design of executive compensation plans, board structures as well as on quality of governance and shareholder value.
India is at nascent stage among its peers with global proxy advisors particularly in terms of scope of services, experience, resources, infrastructure, use of technology and tools for access and application of data, information which are used for carrying out research etc. In India, the proxy advisory firms are defined under regulation 2(i) (p) of the SEBI (Research Analysts) Regulations, 2014. On one hand, while large international proxy advisory firms play key role and control over the clients network, influence governance and boards of large corporates and MNC's, they bring innovative best practices as well as opportunities and challenges for stakeholders in various ways.

On the other hand, a debate and discussion around the practices of proxy advisors and disruption in governance on boards of the companies are buzzing these days and regulatory guidelines are also co-evolving. In view of emerging needs and significance towards protecting the rights of shareholders and interest of companies, towards strengthening governance on board and deliberating about Global Trends, Disruption and Way Forward for proxy advisory firms, ASSOCHAM is organizing virtual conference on Proxy Advisors and Changing Regulatory Landscape on Friday, 5th March 2021 from 4.00pm onwards
The Conference will have eminent speakers and participants from government, regulators, corporate legal practitioners, research analysts, directors on board of corporates, company secretaries, CFOs, legal heads, research analysts etc. key discussion based outcomes will form part of the representation of ASSOCHAM’s submission to government and regulators in India.
We take this opportunity to cordially invite you to participate, and nominate your colleagues for their participation in this virtual conference.
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