ASSOCHAM Virtual Roundtable Discussion

26 February, 2021

About Event

ASSOCHAM and The Dialogue are pleased to invite you to an Industry Roundtable Discussion and of the Study 'Enabling a Trillion Dollar Digital Economy: Independent, Interconnected and Digital' on Friday, 26 February, 2020 from 11:00 - 12:30 AM.
The Digital Economy report by The Dialogue and ASSOCHAM is a comprehensive overview of the challenges faced by the telecom sector in India, and its impact on other areas of the digital economy, as well as the opportunities towards enabling the goal of a trillion dollar digital economy. It combines primary data obtained from stakeholders from digital economy sectors such as telecom, e-commerce and OTT services with secondary data from Department of Telecommunication and TRAI reports. The report is an attempt to consolidate the challenges of privacy, security, intermediary liability, competition and economic loss with the telecom sectors.
There are unique solutions which the report offers. Apart from reducing regulatory levies, addressing the AGR issue and reducing GST burden - it draws attention towards light touch regulation for progressive digital policies, an online portal for right of way approvals and the need to focus on new generation microwave technologies. Overall, the digital economy report provides the reader with linkages to contemporary privacy, security and regulatory issues due to problems in the governance of the underlying telecom sector.
The Discussion is expected to host a variety of experts from the Department of Telecommunications and the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, as well as industry experts. Your presence will be a motivating factor for us and we look forward to welcome you on the occasion. In case you are pre-occupied, may we request you to please nominate your concerned colleagues for the same.
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In case of any further questions, do feel free to email Mr. Varun Aggarwal  (