The Strategic Perspective on The COLD CHAIN INDUSTRY in the state:
Opportunities, Challenges and a Way Forward

25 February, 2021

About Event

The cold chain industry is seen as an emerging and fast-growing business sector in India. Considering the current issue of food shortage and food security in India, cold chain facilities will play an important role in the country. In the account of COVID-19 spread in India, massive consequences to health and livelihoods are feared, and the government has been proactive in taking precarious measures to save the livelihoods of many Indians, agriculture, food security, and safety net policy etc. Program responses for farmers are also urgently required to revive the economy of the nation.

The latest technology used the world over in the cold chain sector is making inroads in India. And with the government sanctioning new cold chain projects in the recent past, the demand for more efficient cold storages is going to increase in the future. To reach its full economic potential and to achieve the mission of doubling the income of farmers as envisioned by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi. Indian agriculture urgently needs a third revolution: The “
COOL REVOLUTION to build efficient market links through a sustainable cold chain.

Goa’s cold chain industry is well developed when concerned with Meat, Fish, Agro and Food & Pharmaceutical products, but still, there is a huge capacity gap in all aspects like cold stores, refer vehicles, integrated pack houses and CA storages etc. Goa has 29 cold storages with a capacity of 34.95 million MT, has a wide scope to grow and expand further.

With the same background, ASSOCHAM is organising a Virtual Conference on 
"The Strategic Perspective on The COLD CHAIN INDUSTRY in the state: Opportunities, Challenges and a Way Forward: INFRASTRUCTURE - TECHNOLOGY - CAPACITY BUILDING” on 25th February 2021 at 11.00 AM.

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